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ICT Medicare

We applaud Aga Khan, Nairobi Hospital, AAR, Nairobi Women’s Hospital and many other privately run medical centres for¬† leveraging their services on ICT. It is in the good call for convenience to produce a card and my medical history regarding the last visit, the doctor that attended to me, prescriptions that was given and relevant attachements like the lab reports, x-rays etc.

Against this backdrop, Medical personnel can perform better. Coupled with a data bank of symptoms, exceptions, procedures and Doctors comments, research papers and all, we are at least cushioned against malpractices in the trade. I bet that soon there will be a chat facility to enable Doctors counter-check with one another or a Superior Authority as they attend to patients.

Our Public hospitals are trying and should be encouraged to continue. They should now go beyond patients registration  and accounting. I pray many will be able to email how they feel to their Doctors before check-up, book for appointments online and pay for the delivery of recurring prescriptions. Today I can directly email my doctor using his official email address and guys that just enables me be more proactive on matters medical!


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E-Learning in Kenya

The Ministry of education has been pursuing e-learning for years now. I have downloaded research and policy documents that they have been preparing from 2005. It is disappointing that they belittle e-learning to just provision of computers to schools.  Whereas that is the start, more is required to have a model e-learning platform.

Schools should be encouraged to adopt the big picture that is e-learning from properly researched outline Strategy of world class standards. E-learning is one thing this Country and the greater East Africa should embrace. When teachers would be able to create digital content for schools, have a shared e-library, have e-exams and display results among other communication using this tool; then Africa will be creating champions who will effectively compete on the world stage.

E-learning should be so inter-twined with the curriculum that the education delivery channels are even accessible on mobile media. They have tried but it is time they up their game.

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The power of network systems is unprecedented. A resource millions of miles away can be accessed and shared. This is the beauty that the internet continues to unveil. It is from the road networks and air-routes that we see the magic of least cost routes and least distance routes.

Now we have pipeline networks that have minimized trailer transportation of fuel. Pipelines have also seen the benefit of water routing into urban centres to offices and homes. It is with this beauty that we hope our Government will initiate an ambitious project to unify the water sources of Kenya. Of utmost importance will be to link the whole of Kenya.

Many times I have traveled upcountry and found so much rain and flooded waterways whereas I left Nairobi town very dry experiencing water-rationing. With a National Water Pipeline the flood of Budalangi could be harvested for Pokot and surrounding areas. And thus we will tap into the unprecedented potential of network Systems.

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Central Bank of Kenya draft Regulations on Mobile Transactions

CBK’s move to put draft guidelines to mobile transactions is a move we welcome. Players now need to comment after reviewing them so that the final regulations incorporate best practises.

I propose like I did to CCK, we need an independent body that will carry out audits of all players. to ensure that the regulations framework are not only put in places but adhered to by players

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Happy Valentines

As the days rush past, mens’ hearts are racing fast. They will be going through the best options to showcase their feelings. Many think it is love, others know its a fling. Many others just want to try and see where their gifts will take them.

I am sure many have lined up surprises that have been overdone. Others will go out of their way to impress. Setting up cruises on beautiful pathways on land or sea. It will also be the time to find exotic eating places for a nice evening meal and drinks. The best part will be the gifts that will extend from the ordinary to the very best of technology.

Gadgets will be exchanged, phones with unique features, gizmos with almost abstract function keys. Many will do this out of their own imagined cupid shots. Others will be prompted by their affluent status, many others will be trying their luck.Most of all will use technology media to set-up the surprises. Those that are far will date online on Skype, VooDoo, Gvideo etc.

One thing will certainly be for sure love will have been shared.

Happy Valentines to all of you!

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Crowd Sourcing

In Strategic Management it is taught that successful meetings have to have the right blend of team dynamics. There are people who tear down the details of an idea, others will fervently support ideas and sober minds will be impartial not quick to back any side untill all facts are clear.

We all know that sometimes well thought out ideas become obsolete when they are subjected to many a team brainstorming session. Computing has revolutionized how ideas are viewed. Social sites have capacities to submit such to public opnion vote. Whereas the outcome can be debated, the involvement of the masses gives food for thought in terms of feedback.

Professional sites will give more insight with references to previous ideas, similar attempts or academic algorithms in favour or against the idea. In this time and age many developers and would be entrepreneurs have a new way of testing their applications. Through the open source code platform they can wait for reviews of their code.

Crowd Sourcing is another way that goes a long way in testing an idea or development process.There is the risk of losing out on originality but the greater cause prompts otherwise. Fronting an idea to the shooting arena of the internet could open doors for refinement. The feedback of internet users comes in handy to further sharpen and focus the solution or idea. The good thing about this is that one can select who get to contribute and also filter the responses in different categories.

Tasks, Jobs and whatever else can be shared and effectively completed through Crowd Sourcing. Where the required inputs are specialized you are bound to get what it takes or even more.

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Communications Commission of Kenya

CCK should be applauded for their determined efforts to regulate the ICT industry in Kenya. They have done well and have set a pace for the region. They have championed causes for digital integration into Media Stations and the structures for mobile communication & money transfer.

Their involvement with ICT Board and the line Ministry have culminated into giant leaps into a fully digital nation. As they adopt systems, create new avenues for technology use as well as level all matters that are ICT governance in the country. I urge them to create standards and create an Audit department. Industry players have to be checked for consistency and adherence to standards.

Call termination for example has been an issue to many Kenyans. Who checks if Airtel or Safaricom systems conform to the per second billing?Who audits the money transfer queues from the sender to the recipient? CCK should start a standard for money transfer, I fear if they do not some witty entrepreneur in the west will start it (like Visa/Mastercard) and then all players have to comply yet Kenya m-commerce is incomparable in the world.

Another area to check on is the bandwidth products offered by ISPs. CCK can take to task slack vendors who cheat clients into products that do not stand the test of time. Products that are marred with 70% downtime and inconsistent outages.

I am sure there are many other areas that could do with Audits in the industry. The team formed would have an adaptive dynamic scope so as to incorporate best standards and have an all inclusive approach.

This will create accountability in the industry and Kenyans will have value for their money. CCK hongera!!