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Mountain Peak









How often we want to win, we have dreams(from Lupita we now know they are valid) we have plans(including Kansiime Anne / Entertainer’s old mutual plan and the aaaiiii Britam assurance services – maybe not but many are planning to start) we then go ahead and start.

And how we start with gusto, call all our friends to like our new page, visit our shop or sample our products and services. Then some come to only SEE, others come to CRITIC, others come to MOCK, others start the countdown when you will GIVEUP. I never got tired of explaining again and again what it is we do and many times I would get annoyed especially when some friends would ask over and over again. But I smiled and said it over and over. As I did this I believed, I perfected my introduction(thanks for the practise) and I say it more calmly nowadays.You start selling and you make a footprint portifolio for the business. You meet those who want to FRAUD you, others want to BUILD you, others buy in SYMPATHY while still others only ask for your quotes day in day out without the intention of BUYING as they always say “you are expensive”. Questions to ask yourself are:

1. What is your true intent?
2. How long do you want to be in business?
3. Do you want quick success or a legacy?
4. Would you rather be doing something else?

Many times we want to quickly diversify to gain more. I believe creating a name in one field is far enriching and gives you a solid stand to increase your product offering later.

Remember it is the Lord that gives power to create wealth. So its not your expertise, good looks or connections. I have come to learn even with the best products there are people who will never buy from you. Today I salute two people who believed in us when we started. Bought from us and surprisingly helped us build good business acumen. One would call me to his office and talk to me as a brother. Him being of Asian Origin came as a surprise to many. Another would see mistakes in our quotes, presentations or documentation and she would sit me down and correct them with me.

The seven years I have met clients that ordered with no intention of paying, others ordered and knowing our predicament always offered a substantial down-payment. After you start RUT IN, when there are LOSSES bolster your courage, PRAY, BROOD over your business, PROPHESY, engage people(this is a tough one – expect nothing so that those that STAY ON, BUILD YOU UP and REFER YOU then you will truly give glory to GOD. Moments when you want to throw the towel in, invite the Holy Spirit to calm the STORMS, pray for your past, current and future clients. I continue to PRAY before any deal. I have refused many just because I did not have peace. And those that I took and never worked out have earned me an experiential MBA.

I remember what a very dear person to me mentioned when I started in 24 July 2006 “If you want to only make money then you are in the wrong place. Work on giving lasting solutions, building relationships and money will then follow. I would like to see you in 10years married with a child or children and we can share a cup and thank God for today”. He is still my friend and I remember when I went to him with my first new car; when I invited him to my wedding and when I shared with him the news of my child. We have shared many cups and we always thank God for back then.

Another close friend always mentions it is not all businesses that will trade with you, you might have only one that makes up for all the others or be privileged to serve clients in their thousands but the rule of giving quality solutions and building relations apply to all. Yes you will make mistakes and some might be unforgivable but then work to be better. Soon quality will be your character and your reputation will precede you.

When you set to climb a mountain, you do not give up midway when the path gets treacherous or air becomes lean. You urge yourself on and look forward to reach the peak with every step. Make it a habit to finish what you start. As INSYNQUE SOLUTIONS we are not yet there but we are getting better each day.

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It is presumptuous to believe everyone is aware of the ongoing Soccer tournament dubbed 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP in Brazil.







For those catching up the tournament is in its closing stages and from Friday we witness the quarter finals. A lot of planning goes on behind the scenes to make a tournament of this magnitude. But all in all we have witnessed heart wrenching matches, high octane morale, squalid cheering and somewhat clownish gear in the name of being fans. We have seen tears as many sat and stood on edge at the chances and misses. The shouts of jubilation, psyche, disgust and the heavy burden of watching “our” teams lose.


The participants have been more than entertaining. They played their all – many had their bad days and those that stole the moment did shine.








So as we enter into the quarters, we start nominating stars in their own right:

  • Best Midfielder (and other positions)
  • Best Referee (and other admin persons)
  • Best Coach (and other technical persons)
  • etc








of interest to me would be:

  • Best Surprise Face at Misses
  • Best Scoring Face Made
  • Best Foul Searcher (could it be Robben?)
  • Worst Experience ( could it be England, Italy or Portugal?)
  • among other nominations.









Such tournaments produces latter heroes. Those that play well all through, those that have been scouted and will get deals that will turn around their careers, those that lost but go back and work harder to prepare for the next tournament and those that learn from Brazil 2014 and plan for their countries next bid.  Then we have the merry makers, all out for fun whichever way the tournament turns. Many prayers have been made and more petitions, intercessions and supplications will be made for the remaining teams. This will be done to the spirits, gods, underworld, air,Budhaa, ALLAH, Yahweh and Jesus Christ. as many hearts are yet to be broken, tears rolled and aches in the most inner places experienced I wish all peace!



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Looking back at June 2014 I have no doubt that July 2014 will be great. The lessons learnt  are invaluable, insights aquired will go a long way. I do not know about you but as I plan to enjoy July 2014 and will give my all. For that which I can change  and that which is beyond my control will not determine my happiness.


I choose to be at peace in all for all. Jesus Christ assures us of his companionship through the Holy Spirit. And if he be for us whom shall we fear?

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