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Systems Developer ( 3  full time positions)

  • Be ready to work in team of Systems developers
  • Be a programming guru of various languages– java, C#, C++, dot net etc
  • Co-ordinate systems development
  • Support existing and third party software for clients
  • Create programming platform needs matrix
  • systems analysis
  • Perform quality assurance due diligence
  • Team leader for system developers
  • Develop  ERP and web Systems
  • Graphic design for systems and company needs
  • Create logical data flows
  • Define business processes
  • Application testing and packaging
  • Develop systems documentation and manuals


Web Integrators (2 full time positions)

  • Collect, edit & collate  or update  web data in consultation with management
  • Perform quality assurance tasks for the website
  • Pro-actively keep the client and company websites fresh and of high aesthetic value.
  • Graphic  design and web programming functions
  • Intranet development with office collaboration
  • Web applications development
  • Web server and  sites security functions
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suites, PHP, ASP, IIS,, html etc


Qualified and competent persons are encouraged to apply:

  • Degree graduates in Business Information Systems, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Recommendations letter(s) from respective institutions and referees
  • 1200 word essay on “why you should be hired”
  • Cover letter stating availability, last salary and expected salary
  • 3 page resume with valid contacts
  • Copies of ID/passport and certificates
  • Certificate of good conduct


Applications in Ms word  format only be sent NOT TO REACH US LATER THAN 21st Dec 2010 5pm

via email to or by snail mail to:

Systems Development Jobs

Maskil Company Limited

P.O. Box 100763 – 00101 Nairobi.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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  • Are you worried about employees leaving with confidential data?
  • Do you Need to monitor the work flow & use of confidential information with compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PCI etc?
  • Do you send confidential information to vendors?
  • Are You worried about business partners mis-using shared information?
  • Do you receive confidential information (and liability) from clients?
  • Do you generate revenue by providing reports and other information?

Research data, business plans, forward-looking financial & MIS report are just some examples of information which is best used within the walls of the enterprises. Malicious intent. errors, omissions & lack of awareness could make this information publicly available leading to monetary and reputation losses

Maskil Company Limited have a product that protects information from leakage due to malicious intent, errors and omissions as well as lack of awareness by providing a secure method of protection. This means that confidential information remains confidential

Maskil’s Product allows enterprises to define and implement information usage policies. A policy is an “answer” to four Questions i.e.

WHO can use these information
People & groups within and outside of the organization can be defined as rightful users of the information
WHAT can each person do
Individual actions like reading, editing, printing, distributing, copy-pasting, screen grabbing etc. can be controlled
WHEN can he use it
Information usage can be time based e.g. can only be used by Mr. A till 25th Sept or only for the 2 days
WHERE can he use it from
Information can be linked to locations e.g. only 3rd floor office by private/public IP addresses

Maskil Company Limited is Provider of Information Systems that leverage value to data within LAN or WAN. This security solution serves in the areas of information usage control, information rights management (IRM) and secure outsourcing. Its expertise lies in protection of data post distribution irrespective of its location or mode of transfer., 020 – 2318281 /0722 222 485

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Synergy Pro Kenya’s and Regions premier Help desk solution dubbed “LAN Support” from its inception in 2001 has eased the management of IT infrastructure. Bringing on board the best IT practices as is explicit under the Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) Framework. It commands the proactive and responsive resolution of downtime factors in Organisations IT environment. IT now being the core of many business process the need to maximize IT infrastructure potential and minimize downtime is evry managements concern.

LAN Support system requirements are achievable and Synergy Pro promise fast and seamless integration.

Having a clientele from Banking, Hospitality, Public Service and Blue chip firms, LAN Support continues to prove its robust nature in remote monitoring, issue logging and centred resolution management solution. In a nutshell LAN Support Stands out as:









 ATTACHMENTS  implementation






LanSupport is supported by a robust network of experienced professionals in each region the application is available.

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There is more hope for many of us that carry our laptops almost everywhere we go. The risk of the laptop or even more devastating the loss of data is always unblinkingly staring straight at us. With limited back-up and the emotional attachment to both data and the laptop, we always want the risk assured. Whereas Risk can never be fully eliminated its management is always our insurance.

Insurance companies now can cover mobile devices like laptops, PDAs and cell phones. Final Defense have a solution that can mitigate the Risk of theft and Data on laptops. The solution can:

  • Track and trace a laptop after it goes missing
  • Ensure data on lost laptops cannot be accessed
  • Remotely delete the data
  • Lockdown your data automatically after a set time

Final Defense presents  comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations who wish to manage the security of their deployed computers and laptops.

This can be robustly deployed and configured by an IT Administrator. The benefits include:

  • the device can be locked requiring the unique serial ID before allowing it to be opened,
  • a range of files, folders or drives can be deleted,
  • the device can be placed in boot-loop, which effectively makes the device unusable whilst protecting the data on the device from being accessed,
  • the device can be data-wiped, effectively re-formatting the HDD and permanently deleting all content and data.

A Time To Live (TTL) setting is optional on all the Final Defense solutions . This allows an acceptable risk period to be set which, if reached, can lock the computer, thereby protecting your data when you are not connected to the Internet.

Track and Trace is included on all their solutions. This facility lets you identify the IP address that the computer is using and therefore the location of the computer. In the event the computer is stolen the IP address is recorded so that the location can be used with the authorities in recovering the device and apprehending the thief and/or accomplices.

This information can then be evidence to the Police and go along way on tracking the device to recovery. The device being found is invaluable and more so data on the device.

This is now available and the price starts from $100, with an 15% discount incentive for buys over 25users licenses. For more quotes and demos contact: 0722 222 285