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UpperHill Tree Cover

We all agree there is a lot of work going on in Upperhill, Nairobi. With many blue chip companies having bought land; they are now building with quite a pace never seen before. Once one plot has been cleared of the glorious trees and natural vegetation, the development then takes off and seems to go on night and day.

It is interesting that this area houses  most of the major banks new buildings, embassies and insurance firms as well. There seems to be an un-named  vybe that attracts multinationals and investors to this area. As Kenyan contractors and the many youth who work in these development spaces we welcome this. And silently pray that after completion we will see the multitude akin to the Teachers Service Commission building along Kenya Road visitors (that are known to fill the building overflowing to the street) be employed.

My plea to the developers and investors is to try and preserve the glorious tree cover and natural vegetation. That planting of trees and vegetation after completion of projects be taken as a rule. The Late Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathaai’s rule “plant two trees for each cut down” should be employed.

It is true the glorious tree cover in Nairobi not only gives the city a cooler atmosphere but also has very strong implication to our oxygen, water catchment among many other environmental benefits. I beseech the government, Contractors Associations, Architects Association of Kenya, Nairobi Business Association, civil society and the entire private sector to sensitize the developers in this great cause. We do not want to have a Mau Scenario replayed here.

And could the Urban Roads Authority and Ministry of Roads encourage the contractor that has been doing Ragati Road for the last two-going three years to please complete it?

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Distinguished Recipient of the prestigious Presidential award Chief of the Order of Burning Spear: Son, Brother, Husband, dad renowned economist, dear friend, an available mentor and a true son of East Africa

He championed economic reforms

He valued the inclusion of divergent views

He consulted widely including the young even for what seemed obvious

He groomed potential from within & without,

Those close to him & strangers

Today, we bury a man so simple

Yet within the various teams he found himself

Weaved solutions for complex issues

He never ceased to credit God for his grace & mercy

to have chosen to use a boy from the Tura clan in Ahero

Truly his goodness outnumbered his wrongs

Gregory Bateson says in the documentary “Ecology of the mind” & I quote “A man walking is not in balance but continuously perfecting his balance”

And like Christ he pursued amends by seeking pardon & ways to accommodate everyone

He was eloquent in speech & excellent writing

(Those who worked with him always knew the 10th revised document version for his many corrections as his consultations poured in)

We will forever remember him for his selfless character at work and at home

He not only dressed the part but walked the talk

I am yet to find a father who can give his son-in-law audience & friendship like the man we bid fare well today

We enjoyed candid talks & walks

A great influence in the socio-economic space of Kenya, East Africa and the world at Large

Privileged he was & chose to live in the strict discipline of leadership service-Luhya saying”Obwami buiibulanga” –Translated loosely as Leadership begets itself.

Ahero & the Tura clan has capable individuals, the late PS Nalo;s household has ready, able & available men & women who want to serve this nation & region.

To borrow Mau Mau Vibrations chant “Remember, remember, remember not to forget remember David Nalo the champion of economic reforms remember, remember, remember not to forget PS David Nalo, CBS the Hero of East African Community”

Ahero is truly blessed to have raised a son this favoured

Fare Thee Well Jadoung, Jatelo, Jatura, PS, Dad & our Dear Friend!

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The Silence

The last few months have been quite a spectacle and a hard one at that. The journey of treating our Dad PS Nalo, the sysnergy built within our family and the intrigues of having a patient whose health deteriorates then improves then deteriorates. Reason flew out to be replaced by the anguish of Dad Struggling with a crafty disease. The reality of incapacitation sunk in and then all went silent. We did bury our Great Dad PS David Symon Obonyo Nalo, CBS.

Our hope in Christ is renewed such that when saints gather in Glory, we will make the number and be re-united with him in our glorious forms. For we thank God for his gracious salvation and power of resurrection.

We honour him and words might never eulogise this simple boy upon submission to God was highly favoured and dies Great. But we will try to pattern words that befit him and the big persona he was.

Even as we remember his name is now silent for his persona is no longer around.

Salute dear Dad and Friend!