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Sunset Rising:
by Lunani Joseph
The sun is set to rise,
The moon waves good night,
The dark pursues the day,
The sunset is rising –
Cockerels crow as time is marked,
No minute counts as the last light,
Many scamper to finish duties,
The sunset is rising –
Evil parades it’s tools,
The devil scouts for sport,
Who is safe than sorry?
The sunset is rising –
Ambush is planned,
Traps set for the naive,
The ground shakes from sabotage,
The sunset is rising –
No guarantee on security,
Safety is a treacherous walk,
Insanity dwarfs reason,
The sunset is rising –
The strong breeze time away,
The clever sharpen their advantage,
Assuming nothing even the assured,
The sunset is rising –
Wits are outsmarted,
Guts then become a weapon,
No weak heart in a fist fight,
The sunset is rising –
Nothing in the dark remains hidden,
Truth illuminates the facts,
However slow justice stocks up,
Then light springs unto the dark,
No sunset is final,
We rise in faith.

7 Ways to Make Out of a Rut Stretch

Driving in unmarked roads will sure get you stuck between paths and by-ways. The terrain is normally uneven and springs surprises unto even the most discerning driver. There will be twigs to contend with, there will be sand pits that feign stability but give way too easily, there will be a bump that will require wedges to maneuver and a winch if not the tug of strong five or more men.

muddy ruts

Growing up in the village we witnessed many a vehicle get stuck especially during rainy seasons on our murram roads. It never made sense when they called them “all weather roads” – but then again it has a twisted meaning. That they will weather you out in all seasons. During the rains they would be muddy and a sore to motorists and pedestrians. While during the sunny season the vehicles would leave behind a train of smoky wafts of dust and grit to the pedestrians.

It is in the observations of seasoned drivers that I horned skills of getting out of ruts and continue to apply this as my journeys take me through scary ruts in the expanse of this country and beyond. Here are seven pointers to help you get out of ruts:

  1. Get out and scout the ruts

If by chance you never saw the ruts and got in abruptly then you have to stop and take stock. Do not under estimate a rut – small ruts can suck all your energy and still be stuck for hours if not days. Get out scout the area of the rut. Look for the smallest areas of advantage. It could be a strip of a stone or a hint of rock. That could be the much needed break to get you out of the ruts. Life has such and good breaks out of difficult times are often from unlikely sources. Look within and without for that advantage.

  1. Read signs, research routes and seasons

When you are forewarned you are forearmed. Knowing crucial information about a route or a venture from the onset is the best way to beat any eventualities. But then again if you find out that what you know is contrary to what you find on the ground then quickly un-learn, relearn and adapt. Flexibility is what makes the most of adventures and how charming are the stories to share from the experiences.

  1. Get tools and customize equipment or things

We have modern tools like a winch and the like then we have those that you build on site just to get out of ruts. We once got stuck in a small rut in the outskirts of Lugari forest with my wife and we built a raft like thing out of twigs and grass. And when we were almost out and noticed our raft like tool was short she threw in one of the car mats and guess what? We got out – though that action got her right in the pathway of mud as I stepped on the gas.

  1. Call in help early enough

Never assume a rut. Any problem that looks simple for you to solve might get you bogged down. This one time in the company of my wife, daughter and her nanny we set off in our Toyota Hilux double cabin pickup for our upcountry home. We arrived in the rain and the last stretch off the tarmac was muddy as usual. I have used this road for many years and never have I been stuck even in a two wheel drive vehicle. My assumption of driving a four wheel drive got us right in a deep rut. Another assumption of the rut got me revving up and before we knew it, an hour had passed. All this time I had ignored the free help that had availed itself as a small crowd had gathered around about the vehicle. Had I tapped into their help early enough then I would have been out in a jiffy. When I finally humbly asked them to help, those Luhya men about thirteen of them lifted the 4X4 from the rut in under 20minutes. Little did I know that a cane moving tractor had made the rut deeper and no matter how hard I stepped on the gas with the shaft firmly put in the rut I was not making progress but digging deeper. To date my wife remembers those men and how they loosely suggested and lifted the car out. “Si tupepeko hii kari tuitoeko kwa shimo mpaka pale” loosely translated as “Why don’t we lift this car from this rut to that place”. We laughed at their deep Luhya accent. And gasped as well at their demonstration of will and strength.

  1. Innovate and improvise quickly to start making progress however little

Ruts are always treacherous. They feign their looks and can deceive many. In business there are many problems that can rock the firm especially cashflow. When clients show difficulty in paying up; quickly discuss a payment plan with them DO NOT WAIT. However little the progress made reflects on the full amount – take it and review regularly. This also goes for supplier payments. When projected income is not netted as envisaged, go ahead and start a drawdown on the amount you owe them. A rut stretch however treacherous can be conquered in time as you make small movements. Always aim for the next jolt and step forward.

  1. Build up your guts and faith as the help feeds on it

Just like a fire needs kindling so does the help in moving out of a rut stretch. Remember to help them see the outcome you want. Then aim for small forward steps. Applaud them, get to know them in between breaths and call out to them respectfully. Show them how to handle your vehicle if you are particular about marks and dents. Cheer them up and offer your friendship as you never know when again you will meet. I have made good friends around the country from such situations and some have turned out to be very solid bankable relations.

  1. Learn: Listen, Look-up, Link up and move out

Being stuck in the rut slows you down. You can choose to whine on the time lost, dents caused and any other bad thing or create a knowledge base out of it. God has a funny sense of humour and he will use a rut stretch to get your attention. Learn the area of the rut, the people culture, take in the scenery, make friends and most importantly take lessons from the “being stuck” position. When you can draw “the what not to do”, “how to” and “why you do” then you have grown from the stuck position and may never get stuck in similar situations again. Many guys you have been stuck before in ruts – go back and kit their vehicles from the knowledge they gather in different terrains. Such that they are always better prepared when they encounter ruts again.

As we pursue our resolutions this year I pray we will all get out of the rut stretch; in relationships, business even spiritual matters and be well into growing for the better.


In my childhood days, the subject “sex” was considered offensive. So it was never discussed and just the mention of the noun would give you stern looks, disapproving gazes and some bashing afterwards. During my adolescent years, the topic brought our class to giggles during home science lessons. This embarrassed the lady teacher. Many times in embarrassment never mentioned it or referred to the subject in quick passing and changed the topic too quickly.

As a Christian teenager, the literature and theology material provided to us in church was very categorical. Keep sex for marriage period. Whereas the sex literature available (unsolicited through friends-hidden in places we stumbled on) gave us a glimpse of illicit descriptive affairs that just blew our minds off. This created a nag in our manhood that like a dagger against our chest caused us to succumb in many ways than one.

The hunger for more illicit sex “reads” grew. The imagination of recreating the stories we read or pictures we saw kept our eyes evil with desire. The rogue of us went further to solicit for sex, cajole girlfriends or plainly deceive girls of a non-existent love expecting sex in-return. Were we prepared? Did we know how to start? What rules did we lay to protect ourselves? On what doctrine or principle did we engage? We were oblivious to all these facts. The lurking lust could not be vanquished in thought and so we indulged. Many came back with stories of greatness, new conquers laced in exaggerated symbolism.

Many caught up in the lies about sex are still drowning in the illegitimate expression of it. Others who covered their stories “in veiled” pretence still struggle to check the allure of the “lurking lust”. Few confessed, repented and welcomed the Holy Spirit to help weed out the sinful desires.  As my bestman Reuben Odanga well puts it “Your spirit will accept salvation but remember the flesh is still physical & so when  in temptation FLEE!!”. And testament to his admonition-our flesh plays games to our mind and the nagging sinful feeling is always at bay. Many times I flee but the “lurking lust” is always in pursuit. This made be re-evaluate and re-strategise my approach towards sex.

It is a creation of God. Who intends it for noble, meaningful and satisfactory engagement of married couples. For the discerning believer, all it takes is to retrace our faith in Jesus Christ. There is no one who is pure. But you can start by confessing, repenting and change your discourse unto Christ. Once there, then map out sex not as a stumbling block but as God’s gift. Whose use in the context of marriage is not only a blessing but a powerful tool for God’s Glory.

Here is what I have learnt in my pre-marital class and going four years in marriage:

1. Prepare for Sex: Like any great venture, more knowledge than little is good insight to any unfamiliar territory. Set the mood. Check the room, check your breath, body odour or cologne, check the ambiance(music, lighting,smells..) and accessories (lubricants, towels, snacks, drinks…)

2. Pray for a good sex life: There things to bind and loose others for a fulfilling sex life in marriage. Bind the past (evil or not) Loose any heart or physical binds of former days. Pray for that which you desire-the quality, quantity and else. Get to the details that disturb, confuse or arouse you. Pray before the wedding, after and all days for the sanctity of your marriage.

3. Un-learn, Learn & re-learn: Forget ye the former ways & assumptions. Remember this is your wife. Honour her by unlearning what you think you already know. Learn her preferences and keep in mind as much as you want to be pleased as you engage in sex-she needs to be pleased and satisfied. Research about sex in marriage. There are many useful on-line resources and books e.g His Needs, Her Needs; ,  http://www.the-generous-husband.com and many more. If you look keen enough you will find many other useful resources. Remember to discard those that amplify sex as a pleasure gratification object for consenting adults. IT IS ONLY MEANT FOR THE MARITAL BED.

4. Submit you are human: Temptations will come as to that you can handle thus promises the Lord. Learn Satan’s allures – the light touch, flirting, mischievous texts, the lingering hugs, winks, pokes, the pretentious help calls etc And flee them. Never give them room as they will sneak in and destroy your blessings path.  In unbecoming circumstances retrace your steps to God.

5. Walk with thy Kingdom: When in doubt of the invitation ask your wife to accompany you. Men are physical and the emotive intelligence of your wife can be very useful in steering you away from trouble. When invited for weddings, parties or other social events-ask her in advance to dress the part and accompany you. For business meetings out of town that allow for couples and might take longer than a week-check if it is worth it-if you can afford it and if her coming will not inconvenience her schedule. She can plan activities for the day-research in the town etc then join you in the evening.

6. Adore thy Queen: Where your treasure is so is your heart. Live this principle. Invest in her pleasure. Give her time she needs and some more. Buy her expensive presents that you are too broke to be philanthropic with any other. Plan for the exotic escapades. When out of town put her first by mopping out any extra time that the devil might use-schedule your day so tight by training in the gym,read the bible and other meaningful publications, shop for her(one time I shopped three suitcases and only three items in the total luggage were mine-she had to send me money for excess baggage and God was she glad when she opened them), call her often, long and deliberate. prepare a story of the trip-take photos, write notes and any other interesting things about the place that will make good conversation & knowledge. Help her with her dreams- help her study; Help her with house work, be her confidant, bodyguard, chauffeur, trainer and massage therapist ( you can learn). This vulnerable things make many women adore other men. Do not wait to be replaced-mark the territory! Treat her with royalty and man will you remain King (all will notice)

7. Review, Reflect & Recharge: Do not get into routine. Style up; write poetry, make cards(even with external help), Print t-shirts, email, text, call, drop flowers and others. Just when she thinks she knows how you love her- surprise her again and again; and she will fall for you over and over!

Westgate Tragedy:Our Salute

We have all definitely been affected in one way or another.

We take this opportunity to salute the loved ones we have lost in our midst. We also want to thank you for your goodwill, support of any kind, blood donation as well as monetary contributions towards the tragedy. We acknowledge God’s favor that none of our staff was hurt and many hostages came alive thank to the efforts of Kenya’s Disciplined Forces and brave civilians.

We as Insynque Solutions Limited extend our humble comfort to your organization, staff, clients , family, relatives, acquaintances and friends that were lost or injured in the tragedy. May our God Lord through Christ come through for you in everyway.

Warm Regards,

Joseph Lunani

Managing Director|INSYNQUE SOLUTIONS LIMITED| Kims Court Suite 4, Theta Lane, Off Lenana Road|

P. O. Box 100763 – 00101, Nairobi| Tel:+254-20-2318281|

To Jubilee Government:: Political Advisory

God uses many people to speak and as the popular saying goes “the voice of God is the voice of many”. Theologians and Religion leaders might argue differently. As a believer and pursuant to faith, I believe God can speak through many and also can through a solitary voice of reason.

Political undertones in the country cannot be wished away. Leaders are always equated to fathers and thus my comparison below. Like a father listens to his children when they make a sound or just by actions so should our president. The bible extols in Mathew that fathers know what good gifts to give their children and thus cannot give snakes when the children ask for fish nor stones when asked for bread. I am sure even without advisers President  Uhuru knows what is good for Kenya’s People. He knows only too well as he stood by Kibaki’s government. He knows they need a more affordable life, where they can afford to pay modest taxes and lifestyle given their modest income. He knows no man likes free-things. Every man worth his salt would love to treat his family with dignity, to protect and love them and to follow God’s word of offering fair gifts to their children. It is clear what Kenyans are asking their father President Uhuru.

I would not want people to pay for our unborn child’s delivery. I would like them to come with gifts to celebrate the baby. I want my child to learn well and therefore I work smarter to help meet those education bills and facilitate teaching aids to meet this end. Occasional support from friends and family is okay but I would want the respect that I can pay for my kids education. Any father would want this and more. The best thing to quash the revolution rumours would be to immediately give Kenyans a reprieve. Introduction of higher tax margins and more taxes would surely help raise the tons of money required to realize many Jubilee Promises. But history shows this makes the citizenry angry and desperate. Then you mix that with low pay or no pay at all then the worse is inevitable.

As a father His Excellency President Uhuru can make this happen by distinct strategies which the Jubilee Government proved to the world that they can convince a popular vote. He can tap into these think tanks again to re-strategize and  help the Kenya dream come alive. Fathers make lots of promises to their children but circumstances do not allow them to follow through. Therefore they shift and engage their children in the hope that they maintain their respect and increase their love. My father once promised me a bike if I become number one and when I did he could not. Not that he wanted but later on when I was 21 he explained that around that time (back then); Mum was expectant and he had just lost his job. When I asked what about when I sustained that good performance juggling between 1, 2 and 3 through primary school; he was quick to answer that the next job he got never paid on time and the pay was low.

But we never lacked ( not too much) we ate omena, he repaired my shoes each time just replacing the soles. Mum knitted sweaters, sold groceries and a bit of farming which meant the four of us plus many relatives went to school and had a decent shelter. My love for mum and dad has actually grown ever since I became a man. And juggling between bills and work with little cash makes me respect them even the more. This is the memory that Kenyans now have of past regimes.

Our President can borrow from such and bend alittle. Yes he promised laptops and free maternity but since this means more tax to the already hard-pressed citizenry, he can reconsider. And offer computer labs for all high schools first for the next two years, then computer labs for each primary school and subsidized laptops for all teachers. Timely pay for all public servants. Negotiate loan bouquets for public service, encourage the co-operative movement and increase farming incentives as well as extension services. As God has been with us all through I am sure, the dream President Uhuru has of a laptop for each child and free maternity will one day come. But for now he should move quickly and bring smiles to all Kenyans fast.

Lunani Joseph

MD, Insynque Solutions Ltd

5 Things to end the Teachers Strike

It is going five weeks now since KNUT called the teachers strike. They had a little more than three months to strategise and anticipate moves the government would use to quash a strike. They had the insight and the lessons learnt from the many years they tried to reason and engage government. I guess KNUT’s leadership must have watched “House of Cards” the political satirical television drama series.

What should Kenya’s citizenry do to reconcile these two giant public institutions? Being the grass, Kenya’s people more so millions of school going populace continue to suffer. And for those who think their children and them as people are exempt from the strike-effects should think again. I am informed some private schools moved with speed to not only publicise but also changed their fees not any less.

Now that the court orders, sack threats, jail sentences and other dictatorial forms have not cowed KNUT’s leadership and its 200,000+ stronghold; Numbers make a definite win  and KNUT proves this 5 weeks and counting. What next?

Wisdom calls for five steps to end the stalemate:

1. The government needs to call off the suit against KNUT’s leaders & members

2. TSC should follow suit and call off their sack threats.

3. The governemnt should facilitate the withdrawal of all conditions, threats and suits pending or set for the future against KNUT and promise not to table sanctions or threats at the next negotiating table.

4. KNUT and the government should appoint a board of arbitrators three lawyers from each side with two independent ones representing the public and industrial court.

5. The formed board to not only form the rules of engagement but also point out the three  areas that each party will have to compromise.

Kenya has seen more delicate negotiations before and it is from that knowledge base that I draw these wisdom points. I am more than glad that the President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, his government and KNUT’s leadership both recognise the importance of education for our country and want the strike to end. These steps could be one way of getting this resolved not only quickly but safeguard the future from such recurring.

Lunani Joseph

Lead Systems Consultant & MD  at

Wake up Security & Intelligence

It is disheartening to read news of cattle rustling and loss of lives over and over again. We have lost too many people as a country over such matters and other security mishaps. What saddens more is the loss of our security men while in duty. our country security chiefs needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Governance dictates when things go wrong you look at possible solutions and move in fast to fix the problem. Whereas Strategy has the same angle but brings in the much needed insight of monitoring and evaluation. Intelligence pushes  strategy higher by strings in the research and development for future simulation in technology; tools, aids and any other thing that would give you the advantage each time.

After our brother and sister lost lives earlier this year in the now renamed valley of death near Turkana, the normal response in such situation was employed. get more men into the area. Seal of routes, a curfew was enacted and arrests  of suspects ensued. Did that fix the problem? It just calmed the situation while the culprits hibernated in hideouts within the vicinity and far from the crime scene.

We should learn from our brothers in developed countries in matters of security and intelligence. We should also be able to borrow from the movies that question the existence of emerging technology vs fantasy in the science fiction. If I remember correctly the Bond series put to question the ability to communicate using miniaturised mobile devices( in one of his movies actually the device was slightly smaller than the radio gadgets our police use) as a teen then I wondered how possible that could be. To calm my curiosity my dad told me that was science fiction and went on to explain it does not mean it exists or will ever. A few years later he came home with an Ericsson mobile phone (quite big in size) and I reminded him of the bond movie and we both laughed to which he said scientists must have been so intrigued that they followed it up. From there on he intelligently dealt with my questions and what he did not know he tactfully quipped ” why dont you figure it out through science experiment”.

In the movie matrix and the subsequent release I saw tech-aids that redefined precision shooting. guided bullets, missiles and robotic planes. The partly animation of  Transformer the movie also sparked more curiosity. Through wide reading we have come to understand that actually “drones” exist and are used extensively by developed nations to counter terrosism. Last year I was intrigued by the use of spider cams at the UEFA Champions in Ukraine & Poland.


They gave us camera angles like never before. They also had a few “camera drones” that flew around the stadia with direct feeds to face recognition & demeanour detector software. This from the documentary aired on National Geographic and BBC Channel on Dstv made me believe. They illustrated how the cameras would zero down on trouble-some people who heckled and seem to incite the crowd. This they said picked bad guys with a success rate of 6 out of 10. Not bad in averting otherwise tricky situations of mob psychology.their success was driven by the fact that they monitored closely on cctv each face from the entrance and as they made their way to their seats. They also checked on what the sign languages these people exhibited, things they consumed(even after a thorough check at the entrance for illegal substances) or things they passed over to other people in the stadium.


Can this be done in our Sporting Arenas? Can we replicate the same for our extreme areas of Tana, Liboi, Bungoma and all? The start could be to use existing satellite cameras on those that cover these parts for monitoring. This will effectively inform our security teams to precision assault on the terror gangs as well as the cattle rustlers. Their footprints will not be physically embedded on the ground but recorded and they can be smoked out of their hiding places and squashed for good. I call on our government knowing the existence of “camera drones”( also called Flybots and BugEye) can further evaluate their viability to be included in our defence artillery. This could have saved the causalities in Libio, Tana, Bungoma, Busia & even in our Somali affront mission.

Bug Eye

It is possible to avert crimes and other peace threatening situations and not only move in when the damage is already done.

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