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Beautiful Journeys lay Ahead

Many times we set off to sojourns. We do this spontaneously or plan into detail every step. In the spontaneous runs we adjust, adopt and plan moves in each step. Using our previous experience, new lessons and just being flexible makes this as enjoyable as possible.

The leadership journey starts when we take charge or assume reigns on anything we do. In our individuality we have to stand out on our own. Then we connect with others for no journey is complete without partners. Even when you travel alone – you interact with people along the way that contribute to the whole experience. I am always keen with people – their lessons, their advice, their perspectives, their insights among other things.

My journey to agree to run for Lugari Parliamentary seat has been no different. I have been privileged to meet so many people who have encouraged us in this onslaught. There are those that have sacrificed their time, expertise and finances to campaign for us in their own way. We have a good number of volunteers and others knocking for roles. Of course we have the mishaps and some tough experiences but those are normal to any good sojourn.

We thank God for the upkeep this far; he is truly Ebeneezer. He has provided faithfully in all our needs and favoured us with a large following. For the last run to the elections we are now calling on all people of goodwill for the their prayers and financial support.

When we started the journey we only had faith. Your kind words, prayers, goodwill and support is taking us to greater heights. We believe because you have believed in us. This is a reminder for tomorrows 08/06/2017 dinner at United Kenya Club from 5:30pm . Come and let’s do this and thank you in advance.

Dinner Invite 080617

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 990 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


The Good Shepherd

Luke 15:4 Give the insights of a good shepherd. He that leaves 99 sheep that are secure to look for one. It reminds me of the David story when he fights the bear for one sheep and later on he fights the lion to free one sheep. This passionate leadership denotes the value of one and every sheep.

Every time a groundnut falls as I chew a plateful of them – I always find myself involuntarily looking for it. It means I value the sweetness and the minerals it gives. That means I look for one even though I have a plate with hundreds of them. What is it that you value?

Gifts & Super Gifts

The social media scene in Kenya and beyond was awakened on late Saturday by the flamboyant gift one husband  received from his wife of one year business woman Laura Akunga.Laura Akunga







The photo of the said gift had a price tag for a caption and surprisingly the censoring of the number plate did not hinder leakage of the actual details.Lauras Gift





This is no ordinary gift within the majority of Kenyans but it is also not an extra-ordinary gift when one loves or for the romantic at heart. In history we have countless romantics and lovers that gave body organs, built world wonders, exquisite, bizarre ,expensive gifts even to the point of death. Shakespeare quips in his love story Romeo & JulietMy bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite

The Bible recounts in Songs of Solomon vii: vi

“…for love is strong as death,
    jealousy[a] is fierce as the grave.[b]
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
    the very flame of the Lord.
Many waters cannot quench love,
    neither can floods drown it…

That is why philosophy embodies the words  “In love & in war all is fair“. There are those that cannot imagine a scenario where they can gift anyone high value things. Then there are those that can cross valleys, rivers, mountains and rivers as R.Kelly lyrics in his song Angel for the one they love. No value is big enough to express ourselves in love.

The story of the Taj Mahal is a story of one emperor who built it to show his love.

Taj Mahal

The Hanging Gardens was also a symbol and gift of love.

Hanging Gardens

Governments and countries resources of old and to come have been run-down on loves account. Where leaders wanted to make statements of love to their lovers. In this case Laura needs to be allowed to do as she pleases for her love. She needs to be spared the vitriol in social media for she has used what is at her disposal to honour her man in her fashion. Rev. Lukas Njenga once advised me that a person shares his love language – the most important thing is to align your showcase with the other person’s love language. There are ladies who cherish flowers as gifts. There are those that would not hear any of it. There are those that cherish cows and many other different things. So he went on to say – our expressions of love need to be in line with the person’s love language to be fully appreciated and connect.

Have we had Laura’s husband complain that the gift is not his love language? No. Even if he differed the way is was offered with cameras in the glare and friends to boot – no man worthy his salt can raise a complain then. And now that everyone knows the color of the vehicle gift and number plate – he might not be comfortable using it lest it be branded ” Laura’s gift car” whenever it drives past onlookers.

I am sure he has offered his fair share of quality gifts  to Laura. If we will ever come to know of the details that is another story. He may not be as “showy” as Laura. For she is a strong brand and nothing from her is short of a script and camera. As a branding entrepreneur we have to give it upto her. She waltz into news, rumours and dances her way into headlines. Remember she chose to wed the man on valentines day – 14TH February 2014. And her wedding was nothing short of a celebrity affair. I was privileged to make the invite list and to say the least it was charming.

Salute to Laura’s bold love statement – cheers to the many lovers who have given good gifts and super gifts. Big-up to “sponsors” (my friend Victor Ogolah and Spencer Okach introduced me to this word) who repeatedly give Demios, Vitz and other good tiny cars among other gifts to the “sponsees”.


Working out your body requires tuning in to how you feel. As men we often want to do as many reps as we can – lift more heavy weights but there is a beauty untold in finding mobility, building a technique and going natural. That feeling keeps you going – it rejuvenates and refreshes the soul. The benefits are not only physical but can be seen all around. You stop being a machine but rather become a coach of your body and spirit.

As a coach, you look at all aspects of your team i.e your body. You have to read, consult and reflect deeply on your inner self. Our body is a combination of muscles, flesh, sinews and joints which are co-ordinated by our heart, mind, spirit and soul. It therefore calls for a very tactful approach to achieve a balanced workout. As you begin you will want to do routines to get your body believing. What keeps anyone going back after they have achieved their short term goals is the pursuit of a balanced healthy body.

According to Anthony Odiero my friend and a renown personal trainer – the body has five big muscle groups. These are the gluts, biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest.  A balanced workout therefore entails exercises spread across these muscle groups. The exercise regime you choose determines how they build and tone up. The intensity can create agility of the same or severe them – this is where skill and technique is required to avoid injuries and or how to heal them through a different exercise regime.

Cardio is a great inspiration to the body. Do not use it as a measure of anything. It is a warm-up activity and can be used as a healing exercise. When we overly rely on cardio to build up our workout sessions we loose sight of a balanced workout.

Fitness is a delicate balance and as such it is always a pursuit. You have to build outwards and inwards each time you work out. This requires intense exercise sessions on different parts of our body. This achieves alot and anyone who is a regular in such can ascertain to that great feeling each time they workout. But it does not stop there – nutrition and lifestyle choices are key to a truly Healthy Physical Self.

In my pursuit I have tried many exercise regimes and continue to build inwards and outwards. Frank, our insanity trainer at they gym commented this morning of the progress he can see physically. Fabio the aerobics instructor noticed how flexible and swift my moves have become and urges us on. Nick has inspired us to rhythm in his zumba classes and today we had a new  lady team of trainers whose exercise regime is a mix of kizomba, pilates and yoga stretches.

It has been two years of consistent workout and its AMAZING!!! to many more years of balanced workouts…cheers


Mountain Peak









How often we want to win, we have dreams(from Lupita we now know they are valid) we have plans(including Kansiime Anne / Entertainer’s old mutual plan and the aaaiiii Britam assurance services – maybe not but many are planning to start) we then go ahead and start.

And how we start with gusto, call all our friends to like our new page, visit our shop or sample our products and services. Then some come to only SEE, others come to CRITIC, others come to MOCK, others start the countdown when you will GIVEUP. I never got tired of explaining again and again what it is we do and many times I would get annoyed especially when some friends would ask over and over again. But I smiled and said it over and over. As I did this I believed, I perfected my introduction(thanks for the practise) and I say it more calmly nowadays.You start selling and you make a footprint portifolio for the business. You meet those who want to FRAUD you, others want to BUILD you, others buy in SYMPATHY while still others only ask for your quotes day in day out without the intention of BUYING as they always say “you are expensive”. Questions to ask yourself are:

1. What is your true intent?
2. How long do you want to be in business?
3. Do you want quick success or a legacy?
4. Would you rather be doing something else?

Many times we want to quickly diversify to gain more. I believe creating a name in one field is far enriching and gives you a solid stand to increase your product offering later.

Remember it is the Lord that gives power to create wealth. So its not your expertise, good looks or connections. I have come to learn even with the best products there are people who will never buy from you. Today I salute two people who believed in us when we started. Bought from us and surprisingly helped us build good business acumen. One would call me to his office and talk to me as a brother. Him being of Asian Origin came as a surprise to many. Another would see mistakes in our quotes, presentations or documentation and she would sit me down and correct them with me.

The seven years I have met clients that ordered with no intention of paying, others ordered and knowing our predicament always offered a substantial down-payment. After you start RUT IN, when there are LOSSES bolster your courage, PRAY, BROOD over your business, PROPHESY, engage people(this is a tough one – expect nothing so that those that STAY ON, BUILD YOU UP and REFER YOU then you will truly give glory to GOD. Moments when you want to throw the towel in, invite the Holy Spirit to calm the STORMS, pray for your past, current and future clients. I continue to PRAY before any deal. I have refused many just because I did not have peace. And those that I took and never worked out have earned me an experiential MBA.

I remember what a very dear person to me mentioned when I started in 24 July 2006 “If you want to only make money then you are in the wrong place. Work on giving lasting solutions, building relationships and money will then follow. I would like to see you in 10years married with a child or children and we can share a cup and thank God for today”. He is still my friend and I remember when I went to him with my first new car; when I invited him to my wedding and when I shared with him the news of my child. We have shared many cups and we always thank God for back then.

Another close friend always mentions it is not all businesses that will trade with you, you might have only one that makes up for all the others or be privileged to serve clients in their thousands but the rule of giving quality solutions and building relations apply to all. Yes you will make mistakes and some might be unforgivable but then work to be better. Soon quality will be your character and your reputation will precede you.

When you set to climb a mountain, you do not give up midway when the path gets treacherous or air becomes lean. You urge yourself on and look forward to reach the peak with every step. Make it a habit to finish what you start. As INSYNQUE SOLUTIONS we are not yet there but we are getting better each day.


“When there is nothing worth looking forward to then watching nature reminds us of the  great things the Lord has done and is doing”  ~ Lunani Joseph

Feeling Lost.jpg








I particularly like the version by George Beverly Shea – Looking at him, he knows what he is singing about. At his age there is no more pretending and what you see and hear is what how great the Lord has been to him.

Wake up, shake the dirt off yourself and look around and see How Great the Lord is!


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