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5 Things to end the Teachers Strike

It is going five weeks now since KNUT called the teachers strike. They had a little more than three months to strategise and anticipate moves the government would use to quash a strike. They had the insight and the lessons learnt from the many years they tried to reason and engage government. I guess KNUT’s leadership must have watched “House of Cards” the political satirical television drama series.

What should Kenya’s citizenry do to reconcile these two giant public institutions? Being the grass, Kenya’s people more so millions of school going populace continue to suffer. And for those who think their children and them as people are exempt from the strike-effects should think again. I am informed some private schools moved with speed to not only publicise but also changed their fees not any less.

Now that the court orders, sack threats, jail sentences and other dictatorial forms have not cowed KNUT’s leadership and its 200,000+ stronghold; Numbers make a definite win  and KNUT proves this 5 weeks and counting. What next?

Wisdom calls for five steps to end the stalemate:

1. The government needs to call off the suit against KNUT’s leaders & members

2. TSC should follow suit and call off their sack threats.

3. The governemnt should facilitate the withdrawal of all conditions, threats and suits pending or set for the future against KNUT and promise not to table sanctions or threats at the next negotiating table.

4. KNUT and the government should appoint a board of arbitrators three lawyers from each side with two independent ones representing the public and industrial court.

5. The formed board to not only form the rules of engagement but also point out the three  areas that each party will have to compromise.

Kenya has seen more delicate negotiations before and it is from that knowledge base that I draw these wisdom points. I am more than glad that the President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, his government and KNUT’s leadership both recognise the importance of education for our country and want the strike to end. These steps could be one way of getting this resolved not only quickly but safeguard the future from such recurring.

Lunani Joseph

Lead Systems Consultant & MD  at