Informations Systems Consultant

The Silence

The last few months have been quite a spectacle and a hard one at that. The journey of treating our Dad PS Nalo, the sysnergy built within our family and the intrigues of having a patient whose health deteriorates then improves then deteriorates. Reason flew out to be replaced by the anguish of Dad Struggling with a crafty disease. The reality of incapacitation sunk in and then all went silent. We did bury our Great Dad PS David Symon Obonyo Nalo, CBS.

Our hope in Christ is renewed such that when saints gather in Glory, we will make the number and be re-united with him in our glorious forms. For we thank God for his gracious salvation and power of resurrection.

We honour him and words might never eulogise this simple boy upon submission to God was highly favoured and dies Great. But we will try to pattern words that befit him and the big persona he was.

Even as we remember his name is now silent for his persona is no longer around.

Salute dear Dad and Friend!


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