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Name Change

Kindly be advised we have changed our trade name from Maskil Company Limited to Insynque Solutions Limited. This has been advised from our trade mark Insynque and domain name We want to have one unique identity that is consistent throughout.

We believe our brand will continue to shine in deploying ICT infrastructure, enterprise solutions and ICT advisory Services that are not only unique but sensitive to dynamic business needs. We endeavour to synchronise technology so as to best answer to the opportunities in your business today & beyond.

Our Physical Address, emails and telephone number remain the same. Thank you for your continued goodwill and support.

Kind Regards,

Joseph Lunani

Managing Director|INSYNQUE SOLUTIONS LIMITED| Kims Court Suite 4, Theta Lane, Off Lenana Road|

P. O. Box 100763 – 00101, Nairobi| Tel:+254-20-2318281|

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Dear Beloved

Friends-I met you; to cheer you on, to encourage you, to be there even when you do not require of me or from me, to admonish & softly rebuke you in confidence & acknowledge you in public. When I forget just show me these things and I will remember…am not jealous of you for your lot just like mine is secure in the Lord. I need you and you need me even if that is not apparent sometimes. How heaven will be so much fun! With you and me making the count of saints & angels. You are God’s beloved and this I will remind you for am a blessing to you as testament to this!



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The Suzuki Family must have been thrilled when they designed the Escudo series. I have sure witnessed the evolution of the Vitara series. The Catholic missionaries used it to access the remotest places and our village being one of these for many years had only few vehicles reach it. I first sighted the Vitara with the Priest at the Koromaiti Catholic Church in Chekalini in my childhood. The next vehicle I remember is the Land Rover 110 that my uncle Peter drove for the Administration Police. Then ofcourse the Leyland Bus “Mbukinya”. Later in my teenage many vehicles braved the challenged and we saw many including the shy but stout Nissan Saloon B10.

When my wife wanted an SUV we had few choices that did fit her budget. Her eyes were not the ordinary Toyota RAV4. As much as I tried to convince her with the sturdy features of the RAV4 she remained adamant about her choice. So I sought other options. I knew she did not want the usual ride and so I went for extra-ordinary. Without her approval I got the Mercedes Kompressor E200 thinking that its colour the goldish sheen or as they called it “cubanite silver” would allure her from her SUV perched choice. She was impressed but not moved. For peace’s sake we had to explore. So we went through many photos on the internet of SUVs. On her short-list there stood the Chery Tigo, Grand Cherokee Jeep, ML  320 and the Suzuki Escudo. All of them were shades of blue. She made her choice more complicated by demanding that the one we settle on must have a sunroof, sporty seats like the ones in rally cars, terrain assist, rear camera and 2Litre engine. This struck the ML320 out on the engine capacity and the Jeep for the sporty seats. The Tigo and Escudo had all the features she wanted. They had 2Litre petrol engines, sporty seats and more.

That settled we had to find the dealers of these vehicle brands for pricing. Many dealers later, we discovered that although we had a picture of the two SUV we had settled on, in real few if none of the dealers could get it in her choice colour. The very creative dealers suggested customizing at exorbitant costs. The search almost ended in a compromise but she would not have it. She believed blindly in faith that her desire would move God to avail it not only in her choice colour but within her price range.

Once again her prayers were answered and this firmed my faith. She got the Salmon grade edition of the Suzuki Escudo not only in her colour and price range but with extras she wanted. Sporty seats and interior, sun-roof, 4wheel drive options, heated seats, parking assist rear view camera and a chrome finishing both in the interior dials on dashboard and exterior. The Escudo drives smoothly, has a generous quick pick and gracious braking. The ability to change drive options on the move is amazing. With an average of 160 Torque, 19Km & 25Km per litre (town & highway respectively)and 160+ horse power the Escudo Salmon grade is a sure Petrol Station skipper. And wow for a guy who has only driven silver shades the blue surely dresses the car well. Its stable navigation of corners and off road glide make it a good choice SUV drive.

By Lunani Joseph

MD, Insynque Solutions

Photos courtesy of: BEST CARS: US News

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To Jubilee Government:: Political Advisory

God uses many people to speak and as the popular saying goes “the voice of God is the voice of many”. Theologians and Religion leaders might argue differently. As a believer and pursuant to faith, I believe God can speak through many and also can through a solitary voice of reason.

Political undertones in the country cannot be wished away. Leaders are always equated to fathers and thus my comparison below. Like a father listens to his children when they make a sound or just by actions so should our president. The bible extols in Mathew that fathers know what good gifts to give their children and thus cannot give snakes when the children ask for fish nor stones when asked for bread. I am sure even without advisers President  Uhuru knows what is good for Kenya’s People. He knows only too well as he stood by Kibaki’s government. He knows they need a more affordable life, where they can afford to pay modest taxes and lifestyle given their modest income. He knows no man likes free-things. Every man worth his salt would love to treat his family with dignity, to protect and love them and to follow God’s word of offering fair gifts to their children. It is clear what Kenyans are asking their father President Uhuru.

I would not want people to pay for our unborn child’s delivery. I would like them to come with gifts to celebrate the baby. I want my child to learn well and therefore I work smarter to help meet those education bills and facilitate teaching aids to meet this end. Occasional support from friends and family is okay but I would want the respect that I can pay for my kids education. Any father would want this and more. The best thing to quash the revolution rumours would be to immediately give Kenyans a reprieve. Introduction of higher tax margins and more taxes would surely help raise the tons of money required to realize many Jubilee Promises. But history shows this makes the citizenry angry and desperate. Then you mix that with low pay or no pay at all then the worse is inevitable.

As a father His Excellency President Uhuru can make this happen by distinct strategies which the Jubilee Government proved to the world that they can convince a popular vote. He can tap into these think tanks again to re-strategize and  help the Kenya dream come alive. Fathers make lots of promises to their children but circumstances do not allow them to follow through. Therefore they shift and engage their children in the hope that they maintain their respect and increase their love. My father once promised me a bike if I become number one and when I did he could not. Not that he wanted but later on when I was 21 he explained that around that time (back then); Mum was expectant and he had just lost his job. When I asked what about when I sustained that good performance juggling between 1, 2 and 3 through primary school; he was quick to answer that the next job he got never paid on time and the pay was low.

But we never lacked ( not too much) we ate omena, he repaired my shoes each time just replacing the soles. Mum knitted sweaters, sold groceries and a bit of farming which meant the four of us plus many relatives went to school and had a decent shelter. My love for mum and dad has actually grown ever since I became a man. And juggling between bills and work with little cash makes me respect them even the more. This is the memory that Kenyans now have of past regimes.

Our President can borrow from such and bend alittle. Yes he promised laptops and free maternity but since this means more tax to the already hard-pressed citizenry, he can reconsider. And offer computer labs for all high schools first for the next two years, then computer labs for each primary school and subsidized laptops for all teachers. Timely pay for all public servants. Negotiate loan bouquets for public service, encourage the co-operative movement and increase farming incentives as well as extension services. As God has been with us all through I am sure, the dream President Uhuru has of a laptop for each child and free maternity will one day come. But for now he should move quickly and bring smiles to all Kenyans fast.

Lunani Joseph

MD, Insynque Solutions Ltd