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Body Sculpture










Where is the six pack? There are many jokes on this issue. “six pack sealed in a pot belly”. pot-bellied men taking pics with six packs of beer or soda and tagging the photo as #MySixPack. They give us a good laugh.

I once had cubes -yes, those 3D ones and they were more than six. Those we swam with know this. Those we ran with around Njiru and Kayole know this. Those we trained boxing with in Dandora and Komorock know this. And a few that I knocked down after I let them spur with my abs.

As life got more involving I lost that balance and I joined the pot-bellied club. and how the pot sneaked onto my abs and before i knew it they had taken over! I purposed from last year to regain my balance on things. Many days ago I would do *keshas every Friday ( Ask Cosmas and Sylvanus). I would do bible study every Wednesday ( ask the  Karuti, Peter & Mato now Pst. Mato). I would do morning devotion between 5:45am to 6:30am more than three times a week ( Ask Irungu and Peps) Read a book every month and I still had time for running every Saturday morning(ask Morio). I still had time to do errands, attend the demanding evening classes at Strathmore University and work full time.

I will not work in former glory for those who speak in history are old. I choose to speak in the present. from last year I have been going for lunch hour prayer meetings, I have been attending bible study many Thursdays, I do a *kesha every quarter and going to the gym more than three times every day between 5:45am-7:30am. I have been reading two books every quarter.

I joined the six pack in six month challenge in 26th  February 2014. I know we are a week to the end of the challenge period. You might have guessed right. I do not have a six pack. I may be failing the challenge. I am glad I took it up. I have built stamina, agility, resistance, endurance and am swift. It has built a discipline into my working regime. it has taken me through many different different training regimes. I have done insanity classes with frank, Tae Bo with Esther, Aerobics with Edu, Zumba with Nick, Body Power with Evans, sit-ups, push-ups and laughter with Pendo.

It is a ball training now. Its shows alittle on the outside. I mean the triceps, biceps, squats and no more pot-belly! You should know how great I feel on the inside. I have a glow and its radiating on my outside. Regular Exercise and various training regimes build your power within and without – makes you feel great in the inside and look even better on the outsideI challenge you to take up regular exercise. Do not get trapped in the excuse of not having time or  saying the gym is expensive. When you purpose you get it done.

#WorkingInFaith #WalkingInFaith

*kesha – is night vigil prayers

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of Marionettes, Puppets and Actors










” When actors pretend they are unbelievable, when they act we have no choice” Lunani Joseph

Marionettes have no life but their form comes to life when their strings are pulled and someones breath speaks for them. Puppets are useless rugs unless someone manipulates their form and tell their story. Actors on the other hand put to life dead lines.

That does not mean that marionettes and puppets are any less but the actors behind these two arouse our understanding of their story and build a backdrop of a living being. Life has been equated to a script and we often come out as “players” in that script. God has the power to change the script but our actions influence his well laid out will and purpose. This does not mean our good deeds can save us. On the contrary we require his grace and even when we fall short his mercy covers us. When we allow to be marionettes and puppets following his statutes then we have a great performance. There are times we require to put life in “dead” parts of our life scripts. These call for our stand for truth, good deeds and selfless character.

in my acting career I have had a chance to follow the script as is(the play “the burdens” and “the ladder” as well as many set book pieces) since any deviation causes confusion and distracts the true intended meaning. Then we have had other plays and TV dramas whose scripts when followed word for word would be bizarre and unbelievable. In such we have been forced to improvise, ad-lib and personalize the lines to suit the scene.

So when do we follow and when do we personalize our actions in lifes’ script? I am sure God is his ultimate wisdom through the Holy Spirit and the word deposited in us will direct each one of us.


Today I celebrate four years in marriage! I thank God for my beautiful, graceful and prayerful wife Dorine Akinyi Nalo whose companionship and association have brought the best out of me. I am learning to be blind, to be dumb, to be deaf as I love my queen. I have also adopted the art of following like a marionette in love and act in love. I love you more today and pray good tidings and favour of the Lord to be to you. Happy 4TH Anniversary!