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How Tech-savvy is your staff?

I always wondered why audit firms had a string of orientation talks, practicals and so on but not any longer. In the last two months, interviewing potential employees for a tech firm has been most intersting.

Many claim to have proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite but cannot deliver when tested practically. I think this boils down to our work ethics. The word proficiency is not to make one stand out in the application process but a testament of one’s abilities. We understand many have taken computer applications classes and have certificates to prove that. It should be noted that the classes were pointers to the right direction and proficiency is nurtured from class basics.

How could someone say they proficient but cannot format a word document as specified? We need to start telling the truth in matters technology. The interview might just be practical and how embarrassing when what you profess on paper is not manifested on call.

Companies especially SMEs and start-ups should harness the best of their staff by having sessions where they share their expertise with each other. And occassionally invite your tech-savvy friends or a consultant to make presentations that can sharpen them.

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