Informations Systems Consultant

ICT Medicare

We applaud Aga Khan, Nairobi Hospital, AAR, Nairobi Women’s Hospital and many other privately run medical centres for  leveraging their services on ICT. It is in the good call for convenience to produce a card and my medical history regarding the last visit, the doctor that attended to me, prescriptions that was given and relevant attachements like the lab reports, x-rays etc.

Against this backdrop, Medical personnel can perform better. Coupled with a data bank of symptoms, exceptions, procedures and Doctors comments, research papers and all, we are at least cushioned against malpractices in the trade. I bet that soon there will be a chat facility to enable Doctors counter-check with one another or a Superior Authority as they attend to patients.

Our Public hospitals are trying and should be encouraged to continue. They should now go beyond patients registration  and accounting. I pray many will be able to email how they feel to their Doctors before check-up, book for appointments online and pay for the delivery of recurring prescriptions. Today I can directly email my doctor using his official email address and guys that just enables me be more proactive on matters medical!



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