Informations Systems Consultant


The power of network systems is unprecedented. A resource millions of miles away can be accessed and shared. This is the beauty that the internet continues to unveil. It is from the road networks and air-routes that we see the magic of least cost routes and least distance routes.

Now we have pipeline networks that have minimized trailer transportation of fuel. Pipelines have also seen the benefit of water routing into urban centres to offices and homes. It is with this beauty that we hope our Government will initiate an ambitious project to unify the water sources of Kenya. Of utmost importance will be to link the whole of Kenya.

Many times I have traveled upcountry and found so much rain and flooded waterways whereas I left Nairobi town very dry experiencing water-rationing. With a National Water Pipeline the flood of Budalangi could be harvested for Pokot and surrounding areas. And thus we will tap into the unprecedented potential of network Systems.


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