Informations Systems Consultant

CCK should be applauded for their determined efforts to regulate the ICT industry in Kenya. They have done well and have set a pace for the region. They have championed causes for digital integration into Media Stations and the structures for mobile communication & money transfer.

Their involvement with ICT Board and the line Ministry have culminated into giant leaps into a fully digital nation. As they adopt systems, create new avenues for technology use as well as level all matters that are ICT governance in the country. I urge them to create standards and create an Audit department. Industry players have to be checked for consistency and adherence to standards.

Call termination for example has been an issue to many Kenyans. Who checks if Airtel or Safaricom systems conform to the per second billing?Who audits the money transfer queues from the sender to the recipient? CCK should start a standard for money transfer, I fear if they do not some witty entrepreneur in the west will start it (like Visa/Mastercard) and then all players have to comply yet Kenya m-commerce is incomparable in the world.

Another area to check on is the bandwidth products offered by ISPs. CCK can take to task slack vendors who cheat clients into products that do not stand the test of time. Products that are marred with 70% downtime and inconsistent outages.

I am sure there are many other areas that could do with Audits in the industry. The team formed would have an adaptive dynamic scope so as to incorporate best standards and have an all inclusive approach.

This will create accountability in the industry and Kenyans will have value for their money. CCK hongera!!


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