Informations Systems Consultant

Crowd Sourcing

In Strategic Management it is taught that successful meetings have to have the right blend of team dynamics. There are people who tear down the details of an idea, others will fervently support ideas and sober minds will be impartial not quick to back any side untill all facts are clear.

We all know that sometimes well thought out ideas become obsolete when they are subjected to many a team brainstorming session. Computing has revolutionized how ideas are viewed. Social sites have capacities to submit such to public opnion vote. Whereas the outcome can be debated, the involvement of the masses gives food for thought in terms of feedback.

Professional sites will give more insight with references to previous ideas, similar attempts or academic algorithms in favour or against the idea. In this time and age many developers and would be entrepreneurs have a new way of testing their applications. Through the open source code platform they can wait for reviews of their code.

Crowd Sourcing is another way that goes a long way in testing an idea or development process.There is the risk of losing out on originality but the greater cause prompts otherwise. Fronting an idea to the shooting arena of the internet could open doors for refinement. The feedback of internet users comes in handy to further sharpen and focus the solution or idea. The good thing about this is that one can select who get to contribute and also filter the responses in different categories.

Tasks, Jobs and whatever else can be shared and effectively completed through Crowd Sourcing. Where the required inputs are specialized you are bound to get what it takes or even more.


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