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Change is in the Air

I remember watching Grace Omamo in 1997 elections media round-up, speaking about the change that was about to sweep Kenya. Being just a teen then I did not see it perhaps given to the fact that I was of limited height. An ardent reformer then (I hope still is) she went all round prophesying and calling Kenyans to embrace the change or become insignificant.

She became so vocal among other revolutionary minds the likes of Muite, Kibaki, Raila, Mutula Kilonzo et al. All her civil education in 1997 cannot be compared to her passion in the re-run to 2002 elections. Vividly I remember her narration as LSK boss “…..Kenya is changing for the better ooo Yes I can see Kenya’s liberation….I can see it, I can feel it and Yes I can touch it!…” She was caught up with emotion and her strong conviction could not be missed as this clip was replayed in news over and over.

I was young then and naive to how fast the said change would occur. Like a river changing its course it is never visible until the underlying rocks lay bare and further from the new route. the World, Africa and indeed Kenya is changing.

Watching the IEBC interview of one learned fellow Jotham Arwa made me love the man. He has been relevant to the new dispensation and has adapted with the change. So much so that his opinions of ethnicity, Chapter six of the constitution, Kregler report and vision is mantled in his wake both in the past and present. He is an accomplished lecturer, advocate, policy consultant, sober and level headed.

He came humble, fresh and different. His resume had his wife’s name and included his children; now that is new! He was so calm that many of the panelists treated him with extreme caution. I would love to exude such at any presentation or screening. And it was evident is widely read. With such a man, Kenya is truly going to change.

I salute the appointment of Duncan Okello immediate former CEO SID-East Africa as Head of Staff in the Judiciary. We have seen his contribution to Kenya and the region from his days in Youth Agenda, Institute of Economic Affairs and his last posting. He embodies the spirit Kenya needs and kudos to our CJ and his team for headhunting such a brain. Many heads will roll but for sure head-turners like these proven men will surely direct us to the future we pray and work for.

In the same wake Zambia’s new president made good of his promise and has turned the civil service upside down. With many having been shown the door. Most of the remaining ones have to reapply and the new appointees have a tall order to perform. We pray good tidings to our sister Zambia.

Who knows, this could be replicated in Kenya when the new government is ushered in. So all of us need to embrace the change. I like what Bishop Oginde of Christ is the Answer Ministries presented in his sermon just before the Chief Justice (CJ) was confirmed 29th of May 2011. He quoted 1 Timothy 3:1-7 which details the qualities of a Secular leader( remember Bishop pieces from chess) as expected by Israel in comparison to what is expected of Church Elders. They are not easy to have but can be cultured, to have a chance in the future let us start now. One thing stood out though; that it starts with the desire to lead. As young people lets desire to lead as this is a noble thing. And we have our work cut out. With the current change lets behave nobly now and restitute our past. Be sure during interviews like what is evident at past and ongoing screenings you will be investigated. All will be put bare for what you did with your youth!