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Genuine Winning: In Little there is Much

Winning is not everything if the basics and the core that is our inner thinking and belief structure is a mess. We have those who have lazy wins – where the other party did not prepare well and as such they did not put up a formidable fight. But those that have smart & consistent wins are a delight to watch even in their worst defeat. I like what my Arts teacher at Kakamega High School Mrs. Mushira used to say “It is more blessed to get a clean B than a corrupt A or a lazy E – when God knows you have put in your best and it is whatever grade then he is glorified in it and blessings abound” This qualifies the bible verse that says ” Little is much when the Lord is in it” Reuben Odanga the gifted film maker likes to quip this one.

We have countless examples of God using little with Bible Characters of old for his Glory. Remember David the small shepherd boy with a sling and five stones? Then there is the boy at Jesus’ meeting that had five loaves and two fish. I am reminded of Abraham and his small acts of obedience. Do you recall Moses the stammerer and his shepherd’s stick? I pray that anyone reading this will be challenged to use what they have however small with total abandon and all the skill they have in faith. It may look small, it may even be termed mediocre like they taunted David saying he was bringing dog fight tools to a war of mighty men. But when small combines with faith a winning combination is revealed. It is also true that others may mock your efforts and say small things yield small results which is a principle held by many; that should embolden your resolve to put up a brave fight.

Another bible example is of the four leprous men who had been left behind when their city was attacked. It was tradition and religion prohibited communing with leapers let alone tending for them. The disease was not only highly contagious but fatal. In 2 Kings 6 & 7 the story of faith amplifies the struggling steps of the four leprous men to a mighty sound like that of a huge army. In faith the leapers said to themselves paraphrased as: “If we stay here we die of hunger, so we better go into the city of Samaria and die on our feet trying to get something to eat and drink than die a coward’s life”. This mighty sound scared a Syrian Army that had won many battles (maybe lazy wins or otherwise since their core beliefs were thwarted by only sound without sight or they could have been winning by scaring tactics which now turned to them). In my village one stout boy at the Maturu stream where we had gone to bathe challenged me to a fight. Now for a brownie – town boy opponent at that he knew he would emerge victorious. He looked tough and very muscular. He was the “first-body” of the area. Thank God a vehicle sounded from a far and I took the opportunity to shout “Lori ya mkate”. The second he changed stance to look at the road, I quickly threw a fearful heavy jab  that hit him square on his left chin. He fell down and rolled into the stream. All the village boys burst out laughing as I took to my heels. I kept dodging him until we were of a sensible age. Was that genuine winning? No! He would have thrashed me proper if it was fair.

What is it that scares our small efforts? Remember Walmart started as a small retail shop. Large Corporates like IBM, HP, Microsoft and Apple started from home garages. They must have had little space – improvised workstations and little pay if not at all. I am challenged to do my little as unto the Lord with gladness and refined skill. Play music and refine your skill until Kings want you before them always like David did to Saul. Serve the tables until the patrons only ask for you like Nehemiah the cup bearer that served King  Cyrus so well that they became solid friends. This resulted in rebuilding a wall that many years lay in ruin. General Stanley McChrystal speaks authoritatively in his book Team of Teams ” We should all lead like gardeners” whose excerpts were published in August 2015 by gives an insight of how small acts in tact and intricate detail help armies and leaders achieve victory. For a well decorated soldier this truly is a knowledge base that is astoundingly rational but still connects to faith. In the bible God helps a King to pick a gardener to lead the army of Judah for his passionate detailing of the palace gardens.

Gardening is divine – first all things used in the trade are God determined. God provides the seeds, the soil, the weather patterns and the harvest. All he requires from us is obedience and devotion as of true faith in this score. Gardening is all dependent on God. It is then obvious how he instructs Isaac to plant during a dry drought and upon this obedience (Psa 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it” NIV) we see the first ever recorded a hundred fold harvest. Just as an orchestra conductor God expects us to harmonizes the different instruments, notes and sound to produce good quality music.In the preparation of the land, details like strokes used to break, timing of harrowing, tilling technique, soil enrichment with specific nutrients, seed preparation, seed selection, weather reading, weather timing, seed positioning, weeding, pruning etc require  disciplined concentration and faith in action. My uncle retired Major Saya is so intune with his dairy cows that they know him – he feeds them, washes them, talks to them, walks them and has a routine well oiled for them that they produce gladly. It is in the small acts that brilliance calls us. It is the small details and faith that God’s victory is revealed. Once we had visited Uncle Retired Major Saya to watch Harambee stars  and he looked disturbed. He was one of the few owners of greatwall black and white television set in the village of Mausi and such attracted many of us soccer fans. Upon sharing he mentioned how the nappier was unhappy – this took me by surprise. ( Soon I will write on Plant Conversations now that I am enlightened) He then showed me the variations in colors of the popular dairy farmers grass. He mentioned how the manure dressed on them was not well seasoned and the strokes of the cuts was not as advised. This affected the nutrient levels and as such their unhappiness translated in Nekesa and Shimuli (his highest yielding cows then) having digestion problems which lead to a lower yield that day. This kind of details mastering is what delivers consistent winning.

How well do we know the little we have? How do we connect the dots of those details into our strategy? I am learning and hope to get a little better grasp each day.


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Victory is the Lord’s. This might spark a debate as to the effort into strategy, the determination and motivation that was employed to acquire victory. I believe that it requires our utmost dedicated service and unwavering output. That does not mean it is our doing. Just like the farmer who toils for a harvest, many variables are beyond him. Even in this day and age of greenhouses (controlled variables); God’s hand is evident in our victory. I am more convinced than ever that for anyone to win God must declare it so. Failure is seen through a magnifying glass. Rightfully so, this illuminates details that will help us win!

Then why do we loose? We are often defeated and many times run over…why why? I may never have an answer to these punchy questions but hold a strong belief that God has a good plan even when we loose. It may never be for us to understand but in the fullness of time he makes all things beautiful. The bible records of Stephen’s stoning and to many it was a great defeat. Unknown to them, the faith of many was strengthened and Stephen’s calm spirit was promoted to sainthood Glory. Our defeat experience are unique training and conditioning that carves our victory niche. Amplify your victory to God!>>>>







Many innovators of old and today, entrepreneurs, warriors and common folk have harrowed through defeat and came out stronger. Their attitude in defeat did not hinder their growth in resilience, wisdom and strength. Infact this compounded their determination. Talk of our elite athletes Keino, Tergat, Rudisha, Kemboi and many others that make Kenya proud; they had countless challenges but overcame. The stories of Einstein, Tungsten, Newton and the great physicists of old did not win straightaway either. Some had to do thousands of failing experiments to come to a great discovery. Eureka moments were the culmination of great, painful and shameful defeats. In the book Corporate Giants by Robert Darden & P.J Richardson we read of businessmen who using their faith did turn around horrendous times into glorious businesses that are world renown today. Turning bad experience to fortune has more to do with our faith than the circumstances. David of the Bible is a good example of one who knew defeat and the shame that comes with it. Even when it is a case of fixed-crime by the most powerful to the innocent; vindication is the Lord’s. Saul wanted David dead for no offense but the anointing on his head. David had chances to kill Saul and “sort” his case but he respects Saul’s life and even though no one can actually understand; he spare’s Saul’s life and chose God as his vindicator.

The funny thing is that when we loose, the hurt hangs so close to the point of suffocating faith and birthing doubts. Failure walks in magnified echo steps. I like David’s response in such times he records in Psalms 60 of the sinking feeling in his belly and pours our sincere desperation to God on their defeat. However, he is quick to turn around and reassures himself of the faithful God. When times were desperate David  being human he cried but quickly chose to Praise. Recounting of the great wins that he had witnessed before and proclaiming the victory he longed to see. This is a testament that our come-back from defeat and shame is not our doing but the Lord’s.>>>>







Many defeats can be torturous but to those with faith then it builds great muscle required to be victorious. The conditioning in defeat creates warriors out of feeble hands and mighty men of valor out of common men. And since all these is never our doing really – for the breath of life in us is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof then we owe our valor also to him.>>>

In the here and now; In my defeat today or the Victory that is near; my banner of Victory will be raised for it all belongs to God.

3 You have shown your people desperate times;
    you have given us wine that makes us stagger.
But for those who fear you, you have raised a banner
    to be unfurled against the bow……

12 With God we will gain the victory,
    and he will trample down our enemies.”
 Psalms 60:3-4…12