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This is it! Hold on-Be strong

This is it!Obedience and Trust is the walk! eish!! I cant imagine how it felt for Daniel when they threw him in the den of lions and seemingly God was silent and even allowed it. Or when the Hebrew boys were just about to be thrown in-they probably thought a miracle will happen right about then….but they were thrown in and while in the fire God showed up. We read that when they came out not even a sniff of smoke was on them. Come on Praise the Lord… that nothing has worked as you thought… that the rent is way past due…now that all shillings are gone and none coming…now that there is no one else to turn too…OBEY & TRUST THE LORD. His ear is not heavy not to hear nor his eyes blind….He has heard and believe me he will not be late…be still and know he is God. All things work for the good unto those who trust him Rom8:28

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“Obedience has nothing to do with ‘feelings’ and many times our will to obey will have to be set against what we ‘feel’. Jesus may not have ‘felt’ like going to the cross, but He disregarded that so as to do the Father’s will. We likewise must do the same. Unless our feelings are brought into subjection to the Father, then they are vain, idle, and will prevent us from doing God’s will.” Diana Kilel

The bible retorts “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. It also says elsewhere “The obedient shall eat the fruit of the Land”

The most profound would be Proverbs 19:16 which says, “He who obeys instructions guards his life but he who is contemptuous of his ways will die” NIV.

“Trust and Obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey” that Sunday school rhyme as derived from the book of Mathew is an easy song but the reality of obedience in this treacherous world is a task that only those who pursue it fervently in discipline will never seize it. The key is to try and whenever you miss the mark you re-align yourself to God once again by repenting and never going back to that same error.

If I was to award my men, I will start with those that are most obedient and loyal. And surely God is no different for who will deny those that trust and obey him?