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This is it! Hold on-Be strong

This is it!Obedience and Trust is the walk! eish!! I cant imagine how it felt for Daniel when they threw him in the den of lions and seemingly God was silent and even allowed it. Or when the Hebrew boys were just about to be thrown in-they probably thought a miracle will happen right about then….but they were thrown in and while in the fire God showed up. We read that when they came out not even a sniff of smoke was on them. Come on Praise the Lord… that nothing has worked as you thought… that the rent is way past due…now that all shillings are gone and none coming…now that there is no one else to turn too…OBEY & TRUST THE LORD. His ear is not heavy not to hear nor his eyes blind….He has heard and believe me he will not be late…be still and know he is God. All things work for the good unto those who trust him Rom8:28