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No folly without a dolly

Historical studies almost prove that there is nothing new to this world. Yes, there is advancement in many areas around the human race but our actions more often than not follow patterns of yester years. Archaelogical studies confirm written history on religion, arts and science. I therefore hold as true what the writer of Ecclesiastes states that everything under the earth has been there before. Probably differing in form or spirit but bound together in many similarities.

This stamped authority to our forefathers warnings, admonitions, philosophy and proverbs. We need hind sight and insights from the past to chart better our course in the present and the future. Each one of us requires a compass and what better way than a North to refer to. Our north in socio-political, medical, technology, the arts and whatever else should always remain true.

It is possible many of us go on with our daily lives not knowing what our true north is. In the literal form this could be our principles, value system and reference virtues. Just like the geographical north, we require unchanging, tested and proven foundations to back our reference virtues.

Our clamour to understand the past then is justified and explains the millions spent in research of history in all our unique subjects. There has never been a time so crucial in the history of Kenya as a country as now. We need more understanding in how this country was founded. The intrigues behind the scenes pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial times. A critical look at how we lived as communities, how we governed ourselves before the “visitors” came and how we changed. For the “visitors” to have found virgin land then in a paradox found indigenous workers to staff and operationalise development in their knowledge is a good joke.

Far from the antics of the “visitors” to disorient and re-programme communities that were assumed primitive and savage living; Kenya is now a country bound by marked borders, disputed islands, one governance structure and a constitution assimilated at independence, amended over time and reviewed in the recent past. The drama in between this metamorphosis is still scarcely documented and we have side stories that we all enjoy to hear. Some laden with so much exaggeration, half truths and fictional effects that can rival Oscar awarded pieces.

Documented or not these stories are being told and sadly shape many minds into mediocrity, nepotism, tribalism and birth corruption seeds. “Wale walituibia; sisi tumenyanyaswa; kila mtu anajitetea ; mtu wetu ndio tunataka;” among other pseudo community phrases are free radio words in our present society. We may fault the government but its folly is a tapestry of our communal thoughts and actions. We  feed its engines with “our people” who in turn have ” their people”, who form inner circles for “their bidding” then we collectively expect to be “in benefit”. When names are thrown in the thresh-floor of appointing ears, we fall over ourselves in prediction spins and even the dramatic rumour milling to fervent prayer including professional lobbying.

We now have a “handshake” brokered peace among two debatable  kingpins of two factions of the country. Surprisingly none of them has complete authority over the said factions. This is evidenced in the JKIA runaway drama. It is good fodder for media houses and political banter but shamefully it is the undoing of Kenya. Behind the scenes we have disconnected and disenfranchised handlers of the dolly and thus the folly.

May peace prevail, may rights be honoured, may our governance be in harmony, may our peoples behave and may we see Kenya rise. God bless Kenya!


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Tribute:Steve Jobs

There are many men out there but few get charged up to the level of  causing change in  their communities that in turn re-align the world.

Another loss of a man who defied odds.

Many ignored him for his ideas. When Apple was on the brinks of failure no one had hope in his visionary guide. He did believe in what he did so much so that he effortlessly injected his passion to his team and any time he would speak anyone listening knew why they should buy Apple.

From the onset he decreed and did declare that Apple was the best buy. Media covered another “geek” story but then he challenged the world to try the products. And as we know everyone got an Ipod or wanted one Even Obama used his to show how real he was and sure he got the vote. Media covered his Ipod playlist and we know how that got many other leaders hooked unto Apple. Even Raila Odinga got an Ipad, we saw it the other day as he scrolled on it at the Kenyatta University Meet two months ago. I- tunes became an “in thing”. Then came the Iphone that skeptics said could not stand a chance against leading smartphones. But today that has changed an even in tablets the Ipad success was a first.

According to Reuters He did achieve more than we think. And he braved cancer to the last.

Apple is what it is for the man that Steve Jobs was. Yes we mourn the loss but we laud & celebrate the efforts that have given birth to our inseparable companions that Ipods, Iphones, Macbook(air)& Ipads have become. Bravo Steve!

For those of us who still have ground to cover…..Amandla! Aweku…..Aluta Continua!