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Weights for Growth

I did like a post by a friend of mine “Silvestre Namagwa” which said:-
Smooth roads never make good drivers
Smooth sea never makes good sailors
Clear Skies never make good Pilots .

Problem and hassle free Life NEVER makes a person strong
Be Strong enough to accept the challenges of Life
Don’t ask Life , “Why Me ? .

Instead say “Try Me !” – Anonymous

This reminded me of pointers that I have come to appreciate along the way. For anyone to grow their muscles they need to exercise and eat well. This does not mean they will exercise anyhow but will have a set of  measured exercises everyday. The diet also will not be hapharzard in quantity or type but strategic in quality,portions and timing.

To sustain that growth they have to keep on adjusting their exercises and diet consistently. This applies to learning too. We did start off with easy bits in nursery. We were guided into harder bits overtime consistently until our strengths were discovered. The idea is to stretch tenderly. Giving today more than what was given earlier.

This should be borrowed and practiced in all aspects of life. And Apostle Paul extols this in the book of Corinthians, where he mentions that after accepting Christ Christians are fed unto the “milk”  of spiritual food and weaned slowly unto “hard” spiritual food.

In business we ought to stride in step with the endless challenges. we need to feed our risk appetite gradually. Taking calculated risks that grow overtime. To build muscles in any capacity we need to exercise with an increasing mode. This will help us achieve the very best.

In ICT infrastructure firms have to be deliberate and phase out old technology while incorporating new technology. This will decrease the cost of total overhauls and boost the production levels.