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” No greater satisfaction comes to man than to see his dream come to pass” ~ Anonymous

there are dreams and there are big dreams. As a boy I dreamt of owning a big bed and many shoes. This is laughable but I know am not the only one. I met a High Court Judge whose dream was similar to mine and when he got his first posting he tells me he bought a bed bigger than the room he lived in and spent his second salary on five pairs of shoes. To date he buys shoes in bulk; more than he can wear them. Was his dream valid you might ask. Ohh yes it was. For those of us who were “shifters” in our own home. By this I mean had no bedroom but a pile of beddings that were laid either in the sitting room or any other free space then this was valid. They had to involuntarily wait for everyone to go to bed and on many occasions they had to stay all night especially if no one wanted to retire to bed. For the better part of their childhood they walked bare feet and the first shoe they ever got was in high school. Being the only pair of shoes they had, it was mended, mended again and then mended some more. The shape and look never mattered as long as they had a shoe on it was worth it.

Then we have big dreams. Dreams of achieving the impossible. For my friend the High Court Judge was to study law and be the very best. This was no mean task for a village boy attending a village school and later on proceeded to a local secondary school. More so a village that had notorious local brewers and know for its drunkard people. Like Lupita Nyong’o’s acclaim and winning of the prestigious Oscar award, big dreams need hard and smart work.

We have understand what it takes, dress the part, we need to show up, stand in line and stand out in our role. I like what the bible says in the story of Gideon, he is ordered by God to ask his already depleted army(after the first cut over the proverbial water drinking by the river-those who cupped the water and those who drank directly by leaning on their fours)” whoever has feeble knees and feels not able to the task to return to camp”. I am not sure about the fate of those who ran back to the camp but one thing am sure they were never decorated with praise and accolades after a mere 300men army won against a great formidable enemy.

I like the part in the story where each soldier is asked to carry his weapon, a torch and a horn. Big dream require us to double even other times triple or quadruple in tasks and roles. My friend the judge as a law student, tutored students in secondary school, did menial jobs during the long breaks and still played a sport almost going professional. Lupita had to do many scripts locally and as an actor I say this with all humbleness, local producers push you further than you can reach, require of your undivided attention, need you many times to carry your own costumes and pay little or nothing at all. That is why many of us opted to branch into other careers  that had prospects of bringing a regular wage.

Big dreams seem a burden to carry but at their threshold it is all worth it. The strain of learning the trade, the nay-sayers ridicule and the suffering associated with being consistent discourages many. I urge you to push on. I pray you find wisdom and peace even your dream boat is rocked by the hardest of storms. You can make it and all heaven is cheering you on.