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God’s Will

On Monday evening I did watch a movie. Yes! On Monday evening a two hour plus picture.Sometimes weekdays seem the best day to relax after a weekend full of activities. I did watch a movie set in 1940s as the world grappled with Furher Adolf Hitler quest to rule the world. The movie reviews the invasion of Netherlands by Hitler and the attempt to kill every living Jew.

A story told creatively from the experiences of university students as narrated by Hans Pokey. The harsh reality of Hitler’s men taking over the school and trying to subdue student beliefs and aspiration sets the motion of the movie. Their manipulative ways did not make the Student president to yield to their crooked thinking. Nor did their machinations to send chills down everyone cower them. They went ahead and made safe houses for Jews. They formed associations with codes and with the help of same-willed countrymen. Outnumbered and ill-equipped they fiercely put up a brave front to save children with disability from a planned murder scheme.

In the midst of all this drama and tension, love stories budded and blossomed. We all know Hitler failed and God’s will was championed by mortal men. Whatever seems impossible that is proper and noble always has God’s backing. When the youth dream of best practices learnt and system ideas either organizational or technological then if they fully engage then there is no stopping them. For those whose ideas cannot get funding now, those that are shunned for their unique talents; I urge you to push through. There is a lot in store and victory beckons at the end. 1 peter 1:6

At the very end of the movie a quote is repeated that was told at the very beginning; “Where the students will goes, so does the will of the Nation go”. Hans and many of his deceased friends were awarded Titles by Israel though posthumously. I am sure they also have a reward in heaven and assuredly they have our respect. Hats off to those great men and women! Hans and Yuri his Jew friend one of those that survived later reunited and remained friends.