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Happy New Year!! 5 Points to keep in Mind

It is lovely to have gone past nine days into 2012. Glory to God!

I do take this chance to wish all of you a wonderful Year full of good tidings, lots of grace, peace and above all joy in all you meet. In the long run we all want to learn, grow and mature. So to be well rounded in all important aspects here are five pointers to carry along the year.

1. Pray – thank God for another year. Pray more for our country and others. Mention one of your desires to five of others as this will be loving them as yourself.

2. Visitation – I like the Japanese saying, “What matters is not who you visit but it matters most who visits you” We are all important so make time to visit family, friends and the under-privileged. Be God’s ambassador taking with you water, milk, prayer and most of all the love of God. Be the miracle by offering more to all those around us. The bible records that those who give to the poor, orphans and widows lend unto the Lord. And He is never wants to be in debt!

3. Read Wide – make time to read everyday. The bible, a chapter or two everyday among other books. There is great wisdom and treasure in books.

4. Make time to Rest, Have fun and Enjoy. Make a holiday out of weekends by doing different interesting fresh and relaxing things. Make time to exercise and laugh. This reduces aging as it increases youth. It increases vigour and enthusiasm.

5. Note down your goals. Research what you require to achieve,Plan for them and follow through. Make sure you evaluate your steps each day to see if they lead you to your goals. Audit yourself weekly or monthly. Making amends as you go by. Remember it is not ironclad so make it flexible, accommodating arising issues and the dynamism that is life. This does not mean you miss the mark but allow yourself to breathe. The most important thing is try find accountability either use tools like excels, to do lists, targets or persons to check you. This ensures you actually commit to your goals.

May God be gracious to you in 2012!