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Information Security on mobile computing: 5 things to practise

The need to watch out for any irregularities on email accounts, social sites and overall internet experience cannot be over emphasized. We need to continuously guard our user names, passwords and work cautiously while on the internet.

With the advent of mobile computing, the internet experience has a new high. Mobile apps have been designed with many requiring interconnection to their mother website to run. Unknowingly, many contact details, pics and other valuable information of persons can now be accessed by hackers. They use bluetooth connectivity, backdoor scripts for very genuine cool apps like the bible among others.

This calls for a more prudent approach when enjoying your internet experience. Never think you are too small a fish for hackers. To them like most businesses it the turnover of fraud they pursue.

Verify apps before downloading them unto your mobile device.

Five things to Practise:

  1. Visit the site from a secure computing device, preferably a PC with an updated anti-virus and robust firewall software or settings. Find out more about the application (Google etc) before making a decision.
  2. Turn off your blue-tooth when not in use and check your settings ( they should be secure)
  3. Be very cautious what you divulge on social networks ( there is always a possibility of unintended persons on the prowl)
  4. Get security – install renown anti-virus and continuously update the signatures. If your mobile device cannot do this then re-check your security settings and go through steps 1-3.
  5. Get professional help. Information Security is a priority so invest in it. If you think twice ask around  of hacking experiences. Insurance is better than none.

Make your internet experience fun and secure by always being cautious even if you have all the settings correct etc. Security is not a state but a pursuit!!