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I believe in what is practical and real but; fantasy is always a thought away – when spoken in faith then thoughts become great actions that change circumstances. We can spin the ugly into impressive truth – we can tune instruments and dull notes into polished music pieces. There will always be some urgency and nature’s principle dictates for each way there is an opposite. It is also true in every urgency there will always be still moments and slow events.

We all have dealt with emergencies one way or another. Even for those that meant running down the stairs to catch a glimpse of a beautiful girl one more time before she exited the building. Others are life critical and meant employing our first aid skills and engage in multi-task to make calls, bandage a wound, pray and fan the patient all at the same time.

What is evident that in all that craze and foray in emergencies – however short they may be there are always still moments. In many a movie we always are taken aback by the count-down to a bomb blast and the hero in split second precision looses his bound hands, saves the girl, works through a maze of other barriers and miraculously works out the sequence required to stop the bomb. All in the nick of time.

It is this  belief that art is a reflection of mankind that whatever the disaster we could save the day. Like the heroes in the movies, when we are calm and face adversity with tact and composure then victory is sure.

We have faced some stormy times in business and as a family too. We have had to deal with an emergency after another in quick succession. This caused a lot of anxiety and grounded our faith. Help never came from the quarters we were sure of, neither did it come from those we thought it could. Through it all we had only ourselves – got no sympathy vote – we had to just stay put.

The experience opened our eyes to a new level of faith. Where as a child you pray and believe and with the analysis of the Hebrew boys (Shadrack, Meshack & Abednego) we also had to say in prayer that if God chose not to save us then it was still okay.

From objective analysis we did what was expected of us – finished assignments in time and within budget, invoiced as scheduled but payments took longer than usual.

From September 2014 many things went south, business dwindled, payments were slow and inconsistent which translated into bulging overdrafts. The overdrafts were a shy replenish to company deficits and never fully fit. So when they were due – the deficit kept growing and the strain continued.

Cost cutting measures were a sigh of relief but often short-lived. To remain competitive there are costs you cannot afford to cut and in many cases to fully optimize you need to increase some costs. We have had difficult discussions with clients, suppliers, bankers and God. Especially when we lost our unborn baby.

We have been scared and the dread of what was to follow gave us confidence. Most importantly we now truly believe our help is from God. He raises those you never expect to come to your rescue. This does not mean those that did not help are your enemies; far from it – God makes it all beautiful for his glory.

I dare say that the forecast of the Elnino is not a disaster in waiting but unveils opportunities for our leaders (that is you and me) and the collective efforts from all of us to give of ourselves (time, energy, expertise, skills, talents and money) for God’s glory. Plan to help – ready your tools, money and all manner of help for a great work ahead.