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There is exercise, aerobics, zumba then there is INSANITY workout. In my quest to make exercising my lifestyle I also listed this as one of the classes to engage in.


Insanity Workout







Today was my day eleven of the Silver Springs Insanity Class with our instructor Frank. The workout is intense and only the brave can endure. It conditions all body parts and thus tones arms, legs, thighs, hips and tummy. The effect is not only a well toned self but cardio power, resistance and a resilient body regiment.

Insanity Workout2







The very first day in the class I could not last 20mins. I did sweat so profusely I thought I would die. Simple jumps turned  lethal for my body. The thought of going to work after that 1hour session was so intimidating. By 4pm at work I was so beat that I had someone drive me home.

That evening my wife had to take the role of a masseuse and physiotherapist. God bless her as she massaged me so well I slept well and went for a regular gym session the following day. Insanity is not out of this world exercise but simple moves done intensely. The quality of the workout is less breaks in between the sets and the intensity of the exercise is at all time high. Yes, the trainer is sensitive and gives room for slowing down and pacing up.

Insanity Workout6







There are many moves in the class therefore it is hard to master all of them.There are days am so fit in certain sets and challenged in those I had previously thought  I had mastered. The abs moves are so rigorous that running out of breath is natural.

Insanity Workout4








Pointers I have picked in the last ten sessions are:

  • Dress in light workout clothes
  • Get comfy light workout shoes ( ask me where my reebok sneakers were thrown >>> I do not know >>> am now stuck to my puma easy-fit sneakers however old >>> light and robust enough for the intense workout)
  • Prepare psychologically and endure to the last
  • Try however hard to go through the exercise sets with vigour and enthusiasm
  • Do at least two classes a week. It is worse when you keep away for too long the regain effort required is not a joke.

Insanity Workout5







I wish I had a secret formula to crack all the moves. But I would be lying to state any. All I now understand is; to be agile enough for this class, I have to free my mind of any biased conclusions that I cannot do any set, forget the crowd around and keep going.

Insanity Workout7







Many are fit and sweat less in this class but am sure it has taken time, effort and more than will power to reach their level of endurance. Each day I attend INSANITY it is with the knowledge that am garnering for a higher resistance, cardio power, endurance and a toned physique.