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It is disheartening to read news of cattle rustling and loss of lives over and over again. We have lost too many people as a country over such matters and other security mishaps. What saddens more is the loss of our security men while in duty. our country security chiefs needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Governance dictates when things go wrong you look at possible solutions and move in fast to fix the problem. Whereas Strategy has the same angle but brings in the much needed insight of monitoring and evaluation. Intelligence pushes  strategy higher by strings in the research and development for future simulation in technology; tools, aids and any other thing that would give you the advantage each time.

After our brother and sister lost lives earlier this year in the now renamed valley of death near Turkana, the normal response in such situation was employed. get more men into the area. Seal of routes, a curfew was enacted and arrests  of suspects ensued. Did that fix the problem? It just calmed the situation while the culprits hibernated in hideouts within the vicinity and far from the crime scene.

We should learn from our brothers in developed countries in matters of security and intelligence. We should also be able to borrow from the movies that question the existence of emerging technology vs fantasy in the science fiction. If I remember correctly the Bond series put to question the ability to communicate using miniaturised mobile devices( in one of his movies actually the device was slightly smaller than the radio gadgets our police use) as a teen then I wondered how possible that could be. To calm my curiosity my dad told me that was science fiction and went on to explain it does not mean it exists or will ever. A few years later he came home with an Ericsson mobile phone (quite big in size) and I reminded him of the bond movie and we both laughed to which he said scientists must have been so intrigued that they followed it up. From there on he intelligently dealt with my questions and what he did not know he tactfully quipped ” why dont you figure it out through science experiment”.

In the movie matrix and the subsequent release I saw tech-aids that redefined precision shooting. guided bullets, missiles and robotic planes. The partly animation of  Transformer the movie also sparked more curiosity. Through wide reading we have come to understand that actually “drones” exist and are used extensively by developed nations to counter terrosism. Last year I was intrigued by the use of spider cams at the UEFA Champions in Ukraine & Poland.


They gave us camera angles like never before. They also had a few “camera drones” that flew around the stadia with direct feeds to face recognition & demeanour detector software. This from the documentary aired on National Geographic and BBC Channel on Dstv made me believe. They illustrated how the cameras would zero down on trouble-some people who heckled and seem to incite the crowd. This they said picked bad guys with a success rate of 6 out of 10. Not bad in averting otherwise tricky situations of mob psychology.their success was driven by the fact that they monitored closely on cctv each face from the entrance and as they made their way to their seats. They also checked on what the sign languages these people exhibited, things they consumed(even after a thorough check at the entrance for illegal substances) or things they passed over to other people in the stadium.


Can this be done in our Sporting Arenas? Can we replicate the same for our extreme areas of Tana, Liboi, Bungoma and all? The start could be to use existing satellite cameras on those that cover these parts for monitoring. This will effectively inform our security teams to precision assault on the terror gangs as well as the cattle rustlers. Their footprints will not be physically embedded on the ground but recorded and they can be smoked out of their hiding places and squashed for good. I call on our government knowing the existence of “camera drones”( also called Flybots and BugEye) can further evaluate their viability to be included in our defence artillery. This could have saved the causalities in Libio, Tana, Bungoma, Busia & even in our Somali affront mission.

Bug Eye

It is possible to avert crimes and other peace threatening situations and not only move in when the damage is already done.


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  1. True story! Well put. The only issue is that drones need power, and that is pretty limited on mobile devices today. If the drones are to be run 24/7, one would need solar powered cells that can be recharged during the day (faster than they are depleted) and last throughout the night …. If we can get that, then we are in business. The problem is such technology is very young in the world, pretty expensive at the moment and possibly quite bulky.

    Research, research, research … that’s where we need to go. You have the point right.

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