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I might never know how long you have been feeling lost & your patience tested but I can assure you I have been there.

I have been where hope is a long wait

I have been where no direction has a plausible answer

I have been where you are so broke yet all friends think you are loaded

I have been where life is a rigorous boring routine

I have been where prayers make no sense

I have been where all round others flourish yet you only live a dream

I have been where your spouse starts thinking otherwise on your hopes

I have been where many write you off

I have been where the taste of your sweat is never the fragrance of fruits but thorny & unpalatable

I have been where sleep is no more yet the tiredness of life springs on your muscles to the ache

I have been where eating is a luxury yet even the thought of food is always on your mind

I have been where praise & worship seem a drag not to get more

I have been where I hid all the time for friends asked wrong questions whose answers I was ashamed

I have been where no tyranny of numbers would balance my accounts

I have been in the deep mud ruts of life’s big tyres

I have been where all these turned me into a hard faced bargainer

I have been where none wished to affiliate with me for long & harsh were the rumours

I have been in circles where the only currency available to me was faith & Jer 29:11

I have been where my only friend was Jesus

and my wife came second

Yet in all these Mum, Dad & silent intercessors angelic & here on earth prayed with me with & most oft without my know

Many that pulled me into the bootstrap of enterprise

Those heavenly sent to nudge me in the right

Encourage, wash, bandage & nurse my battered hope

in the fight never size the blows given to you in his might magnify the blows you deal

Let them carry all your frustration to the hit

Soak them in the tiny drops of your tears

Unleash them from the hip of faith

Bolstered in the word of God

In time it will all make you stronger

In his time it will all add up to the good

For his Glory!

by Kal (short for Karungani Lunani)


Comments on: "LOST::DEAD IN THE NIGHT" (3)

  1. Wow excellent piece of work,never knew you write. Knowing that you are not alone and somebody has also been on the same path you are is a great encouragement and a reason to keep moving.

  2. Reblogged this on Hellen Alberts and commented:
    Knowing Someone has been there is a reason to know someone understands your situation,I hope someone gets encouraged by this ,had to share 🙂


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