Informations Systems Consultant

By Lunani Joseph

When you work for anyone or an organisation, you work to fit in.  You are always moving in angles to complete the main pattern of your employer. You adapt, adopt, create and adjoin your energies and skill for the main frame that is your work. When you enjoy, you mesh in.Standing out in the intricate design and standing in for the good run that grows the firm. When you do not you drab in and out. Not sure, not an asset but maybe a liability to the whole. Everything seems at that point too mechanical and you create something new. Not gains but complains until you become the complain.

And the Seamstress has to decide either to pull you out or disregard you by patching or darning over you.

When you work for yourself however, you work to provide solutions. Some lasting and some temporary. When you enjoy, you create wonderful patterns. And as your hand gets better you could have masterpieces as sceptics and experts would term nice work.

When you do not enjoy and create a drag in all your work. Then your doodle work can never be described as abstracts. They end up the oblivion channel. Which will sum up your work as either boring or ‘interesting” which most times is used to mean fairly good but not for the moment.

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