Informations Systems Consultant

Yes I admit; I follow the CARPENTER

True his divine birth was controversial

Oh yea he is the WINE MAKER

Mmm he is the MIRACLE FEEDER

Oooo yes he is the STORM CALMER

I agree he is always late on your time & mine

But he never construed by time for he is the TIME CHANGER

You are right my Lord is that TOMB RAIDER

Ofcourse he is that DISEASE HEALER

Exactly as you put it he is the HUMBLE LAMB

No he is not a magician but the SPELL BINDER

I know him as a friend indeed

Come’on I did not know you knew him as the ULTIMATE RABII

Absolutely confess he is my TIMELY DELIVERER

For every issue & circumstance we give him a name…And Yes I am a Christian for I follow him!

How else do you know him <comment with how you know him>


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