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Inspector General: David Kimaiyo- Our Hope

He has a proven record in his stealth and distinguished public service career.

There are many things to attend to and so little time to prepare dear friend. Management wisdom would dictate delegation and empowering of departments to deal with matters at their level only escalating what is considered serious for the the IG’s attention. Five things I would humbly share with the IG would be:

1. Rebrand the police

From the logo, the dress, the quarters, rehabilitating stations to the vehicles and equipment. It is a tall order but there are quick wins that can get the work started. Like simple gardening around stations, repairing fences around compounds, repainting and so much more. The Police could work partner with the Prison for provision of world class furniture like they have supplied to the parliament etc. The vehicles could do with disposal of the wrecks around stations and work with the good as they acquire more. It would be prudent to send restricted RFP to vehicle companies like Chery Tiggo, Foton etc both the known and unknown to get the best pricing& service . It would also count in future planning to have exit plans for ageing vehicles and equipment. So that the police service can always proud itself with serviceable and fairly new vehicles, equipment and what not.


2. Institutionalise departments & increase skilled man power

You will have to employ the best computer-wiz kids, you need the best advocates to take up prosecutions, you need a multi-skilled and multi-talented pool of individuals to turn around the police service. And yes they may require better pay and working conditions but most of all they require a leader passionate to make them believe in the cause.

3. Draw an all inclusive Police Strategy

Let the institutionalised departments draw up their strategies that would add up to the main strategy. This is the most difficult as an unclear road-map would be a disaster. Do not be in hurry, take time but when you do launch a transformation framework let it be thorough and well thought out.

4. Consult widely

Call for consultants help. We have able firms/men & women in Kenya and beyond that would add the wow factor in all the areas that the police service is looking forward to improve, strengthen and establish new strategies. For example one key area the police needs external help is media relations. They require experts to train the media on how to report their cases. As well as have the experts help them disseminate their information fluently and eloquently.


5. Equip, regular training & have an elaborate appraisal system

This will motive the police service to realise the strategy laid down. They will be confident when equipped with bullet proof vests, better communication gadgets, sophisticated information systems and simple soft skills like public speaking and report writing courses. I am sure given a chance the current workforce can be motivated enough to champion the reforms. But this will also mean getting rid of those who are not fit. So a vetting board akin to the one of the magistrates and judges needs to be enforced. This will go a long way in getting the best and retaining the best. This will also ensure that the whole workforce reads from the same script of reforms.

And we need a special responses unit trained and equipped to be deployed in terrorist attacked scenes, bomb trapped areas, hijackings etc.

Dear friend, We have confidence in you, you can do it we believe. All we can do is speak from the sidelines, pray and encourage you. You have our support to make Kenya law abiding and safe. Baraka!!