Informations Systems Consultant

Find the Voters-Be Found

Voter registration has began. With the time set I believe IEBC should do all in its power to find qualifying citizens. And citizens alike should be found and work to find the designated registered places.

But thinking like any good businessman. When the potential customer does not find you – you find them! They are king remember! Any good business has branches/shops/office(s) where their goods and services can be accessed. But time and again they employ marketing strategies that are meant to reach out to the customer. They advertise and IEBC is doing well on that score both on TV, radio and print media – I mean I can literally sing along their ad-verses. But then again the best businesses know too well this is not enough. They activate sampling by having spots where people can be found to create the experiential marketing.

I believe with the bio-metric registration IEBC a lot more can be done to meet and surpass their projected voter numbers. They could stage registration booths in public places like shopping malls, churches, mosques, major hotels, select hospitals and bus terminus.They can tweak their registration software to allow for people to choose where they want to vote from no matter where they register from.

There many Kenyans who are in hospitals, there are those who work or run businesses that require them seven days of the week. There are those that work 6am-10pm jobs. Then there are those upwardly mobile people who work and study in the evenings including weekends. IEBC should consider these wonderful potential voters and find them. I am prompted to write this from an answer I received from an acquittance when I inquired if they had registered as voters. The person told me the last they checked IEBC kits had not arrived and IEBC had said they will revert to the manual system where he is already registered. literally this guy is not informed that was resolved and bio-metric registration has been launched. But I could not blame him but only updated him and encouraged him to share the news.

It is incumbent to share about the voter registration but also encourage IEBC to find voters by being a little more creative.


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