Informations Systems Consultant

The fiber technology is phenomenal! Many now enjoy higher internet speeds, relatively affordable subscription costs and ooo yes the magic that is triple play connectivity.

The excitement and the opportunity fiber connections has brought and will continue to bring is still unprecedented. We encourage the current fiber infrastructure in East Africa and laud the efforts of Telcos and ISPs for their determination to cover the last mile.

However, there is the ugly truth. Telcos are outdoing each other in digging up routes and criss-crossing each other leading to foul play by unscrupulous players. They orchestrate fiber cuts and treacherously snatch each others consumers by promising internet heaven.

I believe the main issue is the management of fiber routing. My opnion would be that CCK with the municipal councils together with the Ministry of Roads & of Public Works have a round table on how to build and sustain fiber routing.

This is what I mean; that a fund be set-up that oversees the building of metallic/plastic/concrete conduits along roads and round towns as managed by this fund. The telcos and ISPs then just run their cables in already set-up conduits and routes. They do not have to outdo each other in digging up roads or routes along it. For by this they only dig and not install conduits that can be used later. And by so doing they cannot effectively repair cable cuts as they have do dig-up the cables again!

Culvert Conduits will be a safe way to manage cable installations. They will look more neat and will save our towns and roads the nightmare of digging up fiber routes that leave unsightly heaps. that destroy the neat work done by development of good roads.


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