Informations Systems Consultant

Dr. Naikuni is a fine gentleman. He has served this country in many capacities. He has and continues to serve in many boards of relevant organisations. He has good insight of the organisations vision and with his enlightened background of the world economy and global divergent views gives good direction and advice.

He has come of age from the stories about his background as published in local dailies and magazines around the globe; we can agree he is living his dream. to have risen to MD at Lake Magadi when still very young, to have clinched the CEO position at KQ amid the politics that grapple many state owned organisations is sure as God’s favour. He has done well from the time he joined KQ. Having led the firm to growth after growth and bolstered its performance across the globe.

My two cents to Dr. Naikuni, a person I have admired for his good qualities would be simple: Its time to take-off!

Great men know their welcome, the Greatest know their exit and are wise to groom others to take after them. In Bible History we see a great leader in Moses. Having single handedly(by God’s grace of course  guided three million plus multitude out of Egypt). But amazingly even when we was first sent he sought the help of Aaron. And later in God’s wisdom charges Aaron, Joshua, Caleb and others to be his immediate support. Just when God wants to settle Israel into the promised land, Moses receive a memo from The Almighty Jehovah. The memo categorically omits his name from the great march into the promised land. Moses does an amazing thing, he does not cling to his leadership or coerce God. He accepts the notification and intercedes for the incoming leaders and his people. He goes further to beseech God to choose Joshua for he saw his potential, had mentored him and confirmed his gentle but firm spirit.

The world Greatest Leaders continue to do this, they understand the issue of God’s stewardship. That we are only but stewards and we have to give room for others that God chooses especially those that work alongside us. We need to guide them, delegate to them effectively and let God be their strength. I like the way Dr. Julius Kipngetich left KWS, Dr. Michael Joseph of Safaricom among many others. It is a pity that Dr. Naikuni has stayed long enough to see his performance dwindle as witnessed in the KQ losses reported yesterday in the business news just as bad as the quarrel-some debate over staff matters, the Embraer Jets riddle and many issues arising at KQ.

I know in his wisdom he will salvage his record. He can do this by effectively engaging a high ranking communications firm to do damage control of the negative publicity of KQ in recent times. He can also engage the services of financial and business consultants like Ernst & young, Deloitte or McKinsey & Company to aggressively handle the staff reorganization process. He can go further and groom his deputies by actively delegating them to take on KQ’s responses to the media, finances reporting and many other tasks. He has to prepare for his exit.

I am more than sure many organizations would love to have  a man of his stature. I wish him well.

The country needs his management prowess even if it means he takes a pay cut or an advisory role he should grab any of these opportunities and take-off!

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