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Another Asian Baby(Mazda Axela-station wagon) worth adopting:


It is true many Kenyans and East Africans have grown interest in the Mazda Auto models. Many own or know people who own the famous “Familia” model. The “Demio” model has been sold to thousands of both the 2002 to 2005 models.

I remember the crush I had on this car when planning for my first car. I fell short of the down-payment and had to go for another make altogether. But I liked the sleek interior, sports rims, dynamic and fluid shape of the “Familia” saloon back then in 2003. Today Mazda has shown their prowess by producing vehicles in the family range(saloons, station wagons) executive (sports versions, luxury line, SUVs) and commercial (vans & light trucks). I am yet to see a Mazda Bus or heavy equipment machinery but am sure their engineers are at work.

They have proven to be efficient and have low maintenance. I am not sure if they are sturdy for the bumpy African terrain but they look capable. What I alike about this make is they think of the client and add little extras for that extra comfort. I particularly like the factory tint on windows, the detailed spoke rims, the ground clearing and choice of sound system that requires nothing extra after purchase. Not that other makes do not have such but that one can get this with the affordability that Mazda brings is sheer happiness for the constrained Kenyan buyer. It is no secret that many auto and spare dealers have stocks of Mazda parts and accessories.

This is a car my gaze is on at the moment and would not mind having one.


Comments on: "Mazda: Kenya’s growing interest" (2)

  1. Am considering buying a mazda axela sport station wagon over honda insight just wanted to gather a little information on which one is better any suggestions would really help

    • Thanks for your inquiry – I wrote this article in 2012 and I still believe Mazda as I did then is a great buy. It has the looks and performs well. Key thing to note is be prudent when buying any vehicle. Verify paperwork, mileage, mechanical report if not have your own assessment by AA or a mechanic you trust then due diligence of the integrity of the person selling or business when you are transacting is encouraged.

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