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Yesterday, the bar of Presidential campaigns in Kenya was raised  by one Hon. Peter Kenneth. He was point blank on his agenda; eloquent, articulate and emphatic on his service when elected fourth President  of Kenya. The campaigns have done him good, he is more athletic and did a jig together with his son Andrew as well as JuaCali. He is also confident, having led Gatanga into CDF success and envy among other constituencies. He is polished for the many places his leadership star rose and shone like his reign at Kenya-Re, KFF among others go along way to show his administrative prowess.

He is wiser, the deep reflections and emphatic pauses after every weighty issue he tackled was a spectacular showcase of this.

I liked his challenge to Kenyans on tribalism, I liked the fact that one youthful Ronald Osumba curtained raised his entry. Of all the other Presidential candidates is there one that has allowed more than three young Kenyans (one barely 18, the other 26 and Ronnie in his early thirties) grace their launch with speeches?? This was just wow! He seems poised to work for the Youth.

With the heated debate around his campaign slogan”Tunawesmake” ; I tend to think his campaign secretariat does not have many old guards or young-conservative and old thinking guys otherwise it would not have seen the light of day. He is not the usual Presidential contender. He has wind in his sail and with the responses on social media who knows if he will be the man going to the house on the Hill??


Comments on: "PK-Tunawesmake!" (2)

  1. Not sure if Ronald Osumba went by RONNIE OSUNDWA back in high school… #Tunawesmake !

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