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In The News:

This past week has seen the most dramatised news items on all TV media stations. The hague proceedings filled our screens showing to all and sundry as the story unfolded. We saw simple mistakes lawyers can make and witty statements curved out of the prosecution evidence. There was brilliance, utter stupidity, knuckles bravery and lack of preparation.

The cross examining of witness especially Prof. Kosgei will be most vivid for its drama. The presiding Judge Ekaterina Trendafilov can be best described as sober, patient and studious. I think we all agree she deserves the seat. Most of us would have sparked with rhetorics from lawyers,  the boring attempts to discredit evidence and the misleading assertions traded. I pray that wisdom engulfs those proceedings and God’s will to take precedence.


Kenyan teachers decided to down their tools and go to the streets. This is after unsuccessfully engaging their employers. It must have been a hard decision given that national examinations at all levels begin next month. They watched helplessly as MPs increased their wages in the most bizarre move. Albeit from a contingency allocation. They desperately tried to negotiate and were short changed again and again. All this they put to light in the endless interviews by media. Mr. President we beseech you to swing into action and save our education sector.

This past week has also seen many lives lost in the country from different accidents and calamities. Yesterday 18 perished and three are feared dead in Isiolo after Ewaso Nyiro river burst its banks. The government needs to start laying ground to curb this increasingly threatening menace. North Eastern Region requires well tarmacked roads with high  bridges over seasonal rivers.  The railway  be the best idea. We also hope a national water grid will be created to interlink regions such that floods in one end can be harvested for the good of another.

Kenya is here to stay and we need to be more forward looking.

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