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The Big Picture

Today and many other days to come will make the big picture that is September 2011.

I will try outdo myself in all areas of life. I will seek to read more, make time for everything, eat healthy, smile alot and try make people laugh. It is my plan to further decrease my tv time and listen more to music. By all means I will endeavour to dance one day a week. Let my prayers for The world, Kenya, our leaders and fellow citizen yield much. May their providence, protection and guidance be full in wisdom, power unto God’s glory.

I have realized that praying for our neighbours is important since the war in Middle East, North Africa, Sudan and Nigeria has caused our shilling to weaken. Dear Lord help these beautiful countries find peace. Lord I pray that we also find oil among the many minerals and splendour in within our borders. May we be the faithful custodians of your gift of the environment and each other.

As Kenya walks into the new constitution dispensation, dear Lord watch over us and guide the implementation process.  For all the states of the country, let there be plenty as guided by your reverence. I am convinced your intention for us to be here was to marvel at your wonders and  be great stewards. Holding to the promise of harmony and joy in you as we journey in faith towards Heaven through Christ I pray; Amen!