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Business Analytics & Business Intelligence

Attending the ICT Board breakfast meeting today at the Inter-continental Hotel Nairobi, SAS made a wonderful presentation. Their presentation was on how organizations and governments should employ the use of Business  Analytics & Business Intelligence. The stages highlighted included:

1. Data capture from trusted sources (government agencies, IMF, world bank , the UN etc)

2. Statistical data available within an organization (from suppliers, clients & staff)

3. Internal & external e-reports in the organizations information systems.

These data then has to undergo:

  • cleansing – zero down to the core
  • validation – authenticate data collected

and then thereafter using analytical software like SAS create reports using customizable graphical and easy to use, model, export & share. Using the interface variables could be re-defined and scientific projections accurately made.

With such tools then data available to us like Kenya’s Census Report, Kenya Open Data Reports, KWS figures, Ministry of Water Statistics, Ministry of Tourism Research Findings & Accumulated financial reports submitted to Treasury then data modeling about Kenya can be done. And from that accurate projections made and true business predictions modeled. This would make decision making to our leaders easier and precise. This would ensure equitable allocations made and proper budgets developed.

Organizations need such to raise above the murky water of “gut feeling” decisions that lead to chaos as the SAS team revealed. Many businesses get into crisis when management makes un-informed decisions. We have many examples on that.

For me the most important of lessons from the presentation is how as individuals we could use such tools. Since we have families to take care of, bills to pay against limited resources and small/medium investments to juggle with.

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