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Latest Applications:KPLC

It has been quite interesting to read the comments of peopleĀ  on KPLC prepaid system. I have been monitoring my prepaid meter since it was installed three months ago. My findings are not far from the complains written all over social media.

1. There are times when the meter speeds downhill!

2. Units bought vary when bought at different times with similar amount over time. (is this the fuel vs currency fluctuations errors?)

3. The prepay online buying regime on Mpesa, Airtel etc needs a serious review. The relay delay time needs to be streamlined for faster transactions.

This is where I now believe the story also in our social media. Is it true that a leading auditing firm in Kenya found flaws in the system but KPLC never did anything about it? If that is the case where is CCK, KEBS and Federation of Consumers to watch our backs?

It is high time every billing system used in our country undergo independent reviews by these standards regulators alongside systems audit firms to ascertain the irregularities. Now that the Nairobi Water Services and others want to implement prepay systems caution and stiffer regulation checks need to be carried out to safeguard looting the public out of their already outstretched (read heavily taxed) hard earned cash.

This is also a call to KPLC’s management to address this ASAP and stand on their word in delivering “light” in all its spectrum meaning including transparency!