Informations Systems Consultant

1. Have a scheduled network maintenance schedule

A proactive approach to equipments always keeps faults and failures at very low levels. It is the same approach that the wisdom of eating an apple each day keeps the Doctor away. Equipment need dusting, cleaning and cooling off. This ensures that they perform better and are fail tolerant.

2. Each Network peripheral should have its own installation file with documented configurations done

We all know the pain of having a network that is undocumented. When your ICT staff takes leave or is indisposed or you lay them off, it is always expensive to reconfigure network equipment. Documenting Consultants information(those that did the installation) helps alot. Having a file with each equipment’s configuration documentation is the best guard from nasty surprises. these file should be kept safely and have a back-up somewhere out of the office. This also helps in monitoring your ICT assets and the files could also contain a copy of the latest maintenance sheet on the equipment.

3. Perform quartely audit of your whole ICT infrastructure

This is a healthy practise borrowed from the acconting perspective. Have an ICT adoption and disposal plan. From the ICT allocated funds have this as an expense. This will give you a true picture of where you are as an organisation in ICT, channel where you should be from consultants recommendations against world’s best practises and will save you alot of cash that would otherwise be allocated without the big picture in mind. t is noteworthy, to use consultants who use renown methodologies and produce audit documented evidence that back up their report.  Their recommendations might be daunting but a plan to enact them might save you alot of would be downtime or expensive technical faults in your systems.


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