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The Budget

As expected the Kenya budget will be read today. Many do not expect a lot from the signs of rising cost of living. Others expect a reasonable mapped way towards resource collection, re-current expenditure, development programmes & debt alleviation.

Many have taken the incumbent Minister and Ministry to task over the preparation of the budget. After The courts and House Speakers ruling on the matter yesterday that is neither here nor there. It is true as late as March and April there was an attempt by the Minister through social media to collect Kenyan Views and expectations of the Budget. Many of those who submitted their queries will be keen on the contents that will be read today.

We are aware it was a contacts collections idea not only for budgeting purposes but many of us still attempted. Reading today’s Daily Nation article on this suggestions collection statistics means that many will want to take the Minister to account for their contributions.

For those of us that participated passionately in the exercise and passed on the message so as to have as many variant possible angles of what will be watching. History has it that Ministers of Finance who read Budgets at depressed times never get re-elected. Remember Hon. Okemo and Hon. Mudavadi? Budget making involves teams of different people within and without the Ministry of Finance and as dictated by other dynamic factors. The common folk will always attribute the budget to the person reading it.

The new Constitution as championed by many these past few weeks would have indemnified of sorts the Minister. But he went ahead to challenge the timing. That means he owns the budget and process. In that case, it better be good if not fair. The Best of Luck to our Finance Minister!


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