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Sports is a real people magnet. We enjoy Rugby, baseball, cricket, athletics, golf, swimming, motor sports, basketball but soccer is just it! the just concluded UEFA Champions League showcases not only the best discovered and nurtured talent but the best sports organisation by any standards.

It is well advertised, hype is created and merchandise attracting athlete endorsements as well as sponsorship creates the necessary synergy for the greatest event in recent times.

East Africa Community should borrow from this fantastic European Union Sports integration. the EAC should seek to support regional sporting events from our niche disciplines that is athletics(read marathon), what we were renown for the East Africa Safari Rally to the diverse that is sports.

We the youth would gladly traverse the region to cheer our own as we savour the great scenery, cultures, delicacies among others that the region offers.

It was superb Barcelona, we did appreciate the flair and focused play. Manchester United was great sport for the La Liga winners now Europe’s best!

Congratulations Coach Pep and the team as led by Messi, Pedro and Xavi!


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