Informations Systems Consultant

  • Are you worried about employees leaving with confidential data?
  • Do you Need to monitor the work flow & use of confidential information with compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PCI etc?
  • Do you send confidential information to vendors?
  • Are You worried about business partners mis-using shared information?
  • Do you receive confidential information (and liability) from clients?
  • Do you generate revenue by providing reports and other information?

Research data, business plans, forward-looking financial & MIS report are just some examples of information which is best used within the walls of the enterprises. Malicious intent. errors, omissions & lack of awareness could make this information publicly available leading to monetary and reputation losses

Maskil Company Limited have a product that protects information from leakage due to malicious intent, errors and omissions as well as lack of awareness by providing a secure method of protection. This means that confidential information remains confidential

Maskil’s Product allows enterprises to define and implement information usage policies. A policy is an “answer” to four Questions i.e.

WHO can use these information
People & groups within and outside of the organization can be defined as rightful users of the information
WHAT can each person do
Individual actions like reading, editing, printing, distributing, copy-pasting, screen grabbing etc. can be controlled
WHEN can he use it
Information usage can be time based e.g. can only be used by Mr. A till 25th Sept or only for the 2 days
WHERE can he use it from
Information can be linked to locations e.g. only 3rd floor office by private/public IP addresses

Maskil Company Limited is Provider of Information Systems that leverage value to data within LAN or WAN. This security solution serves in the areas of information usage control, information rights management (IRM) and secure outsourcing. Its expertise lies in protection of data post distribution irrespective of its location or mode of transfer., 020 – 2318281 /0722 222 485


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