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Secure Your Valuable Home Appliances

Mains power always has a fluctuation and intermittent outages; this continues to pose a danger to electrical appliances and equipment.

Many organizations have gone ahead and installed state of the art online generators with relay switching. This ensures that whenever outages occur then the generators start immediately. But then again they have to have transformers so that voltages either from mains or generators are regulated.

Relay switches are pretty good for they channel the needed power as and when one line goes down. All that can be witnessed during this twin second transfer is a flicker of lights in the organization. Other organizations have gone further to install Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for their critical equipment like computers, Servers, Surgery and ICU recovery equipment among others. This gives them an advantage when there is an outage and they have minimal if any downtime.

Small UPS have become popular and readily available with a variety of brands up for grabs. They provide “clean power” to appliances and equipment and many of us relate to them either at work and or at home with our PCs. Most people have gone further to even have “fridge guards’’ that only regulate mains power to the system specific voltage.

Technology has advanced that we now have rechargeable torches and lights. These come in handy when we experience outages at any one point. This can be installed in homes so that all that is required when a blackout occurs is to switch them on. Vendors have information on how best to install them as part of your electrical system.

There is still a vulnerability to other equipment and appliances we have in homes. Most notably the entertainment units like the TV, Hi-Fi sound systems, Home theatres and what not. These cost quite a load of cash. Therefore it is imperative to protect them too. Qualified electrical vendors can give you a professional assessment of what you want to achieve. Be it just surge protection where you could just buy a surge protector single socket or multi socket. If you need a solution to not only provide “clean power” but also give you uptime then UPS is advisable. You need to get the power load estimate of your equipment plus 30% power factor which will give you the maximum load. This value will be used to calculate the UPS output required. For required uptime then the same value will be requisite to calculate the UPS output required to give desired uptime.

Full Power Back Up Solutions for homes are available so that nothing goes off when blackouts occur. Power firms and equipment vendors have them. Risk of equipment damage can only be best covered by investing in professional services and a quality product. If that is no insurance then try risking your valuable equipment on raw mains power.