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Sixth Sense Systems: The Hologram Experience

Soon what has been only possible in science-fiction movies will be ours for the taking. The developer of sixth sense systems Pranav Mistry, using camera projection technology. He announced that soon the system will be available in the market fully licensed. It will have an approximate price of $350.

The system is a camera and projector worn on the head by the user linked to a computer. The system will be able to record everything the user sees, with a capability of monitoring gestures. The gestures recognition will apply to those made by colored fingertips. The camera and projector will be connected to a computer that has internet access. The footage on the camera then can be projected inform of a hologram and the user could even navigate with gestures,. Moving, placing and clicking on displayed on the hologram.

Mistry says after purchase it will be open source so that people can model their own futuristic experience. He also reasons that this kind of technology is hard to market so it is best for owners to be able to customize or complete re-design it to meet their needs.

This initiative could be a breakthrough to e-lerning especially preschool where kids at that age learn a lot from sight, sound and gestures.