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This is one of Africa’s most prestigious schools. With a winning legacy spanning over 50 years. A star-studded Alumni fraternity; holding key positions in government and private sector. Located in the lush of Kikuyu county on a 50 acre plus compound.

The rich tradition passed over the years as governed by the strong Christian values ensure the required grooming to performing students. It is the dream of one too many primary pupils.

The case in point is Alliance High School tuition fees. As a guardian to my brother this I have observed for four years now. As a family we rejoiced at the passing of KCPE of our brother and we were more than overjoyed at the beckoning of Alliance through their enrollment letter. We made a point to inquire closely from the then Principal, scholar and mentor Mr. Khaemba. We were of the view that our brother could not make it to the school for the costs involved were quite prohibitive. He couldn’t hear any of that, he convinced us and re-assured us that the cost will not only be worthwhile but bursaries will also complement our efforts all through.

The following year 2008, the government made an announcement and decreed the recommended tuition fees for respective categories of schools. With this news we thanked God for certainly it had taken his concern. Kenyan parents had complained for far too long and some teachers had taken advantage of unsuspecting parents. This very year Alliance raised its school fees in a very sly manner during one of its parent day meetings. Quickly mentioned, seconded and passed. Many parents in the meeting could not object given the pride they carry. Others feared intimidation from the well to do parents, many others feared the incrimination of their sons. So there it was twenty thousand shillings added to the hostels building fund. No one questioned how this could be, given that the hostels budget had already been factored and this meant a colossal sum of (Kshs. 20,000 X 1000students= Kshs. 20million) an additional twenty million. Do we not have quantity surveyors, architects and civil engineers? Which building is this that costs so much?Who knows Form one parents this year might have paid an undisclosed sum towards the same.


The buidling in question


Then a harambee which raised cash then came the famous “H3 Hammer” raffle raising another sum for the same project. What pains the most is that the in same fashion they passed another increment, first term this year for the SAME project. Raising the fees by a painful ten thousand shillings (Kshs. 10,000 X 1000=Kshs. 10 million).

In second term during a parents meeting, a board member mentioned, another motion was hastily  proposed, seconded and passed. A ten thousand shillings increment disguised as dining hall renovation fund. As a guardian struggling to support a brother who already had a fee balance given the sub-sequent increments I wished Mr. Khaemba who had convinced us otherwise was there for us to  confide in and ask of this.

Adding salt to injury this third term as parents, guardians and well wishers joined the school for the KCSE prayer day, AGAIN,

an increment was quickly passed in the same unscrupulous manner. This time given a very good name ASPAS aka Teachers motivation for a tidy sum of ten thousand shillings per form four student with a total of two hundred and fifteen students was charged(Kshs. 10,000 X 215 = 2,150,000 Million).

The question that begs an answer is Does the Ministry of Education allow such? Motivation for the teachers is okay but let that not be a harsh sum. We appreciate their toiling; we respect their sacrifice. Parents work hard too; they have other children to cater for. They too work elsewhere and the motivation they get for their hard work is never big as such. Even for the best employers yearly bonuses never go beyond 7%.

And to push this unto parents that are already heavily taxed, peasant farmers, guardians like me and the most in need amongst us is an abomination. I understand that there are parents that will take such increments laughing but what about those who cannot? Those that took their children there on the premise of complementing bursaries? Those that are struggling with tuition fee as seen from their balances? This is adhoc fee increments are unheard of. I do call upon the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education to intervene. I suggest the auditing of building development funds in schools and other funds unwarranted fee increments notwithstanding.

We are pushing parents and guardians into poverty. All in all we do continue to wish Alliance High School the very best now and in the coming years.


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