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With the knowledge age here with us, information is available almost on every channel on the internet. ICT infrastructure development all over the world, in countries and in organizations have seen to this. Truly communication has been made easier, no longer cost prohibitive and more convenient. This has seen the creation of hot spots in many public places; airports, restaurants, hospitals, institutions of learning and many other business areas.

Now we can easily access almost anything we require on the internet. We can remotely do what we  once considered  mundane tasks like banking services among others. We can share with the one another and the world at large through our social sites.

Our concern then should be the risk that comes with this exposure. Our information is all over the internet. From our social sites profiles, emails and so much more. How do we safeguard ourselves? The complexity of cyber crime has it that fraudsters and criminals steal identities and start monitoring would be victims for days even years. Then when they do pounce on you, they have such accuracy on who we are, where we live, where we work, how much we earn, our family, our investments, achievements and just say almost everything.

Already Politicians and other big wigs have already tasted this by facing blackmails for their extra-marital affairs among other exposed info to fraudsters.

Information is power and to have it means being able to do extraordinary things. Making money illegally being the alluring factor to hackers.

The risk cannot be fully insured but prudent measures heavily reduce their occurence like having:

  • dedicated email addresses that offer encryption,
  • not offering all info to non-secure sources on the internet,
  • being discrete on all platforms,
  • questioning even the obvious of inquiries,
  • professional configuration on our PCs and Laptops,
  • setting up your browser with security controls
  • having a robust internet anti-virus
  • encrypting information on your machine
  • shredding paperwork

the list is endless.

For organizations, procuring professional consultants to assess the risk is the first step. Then engage your ICT team with the consultants to formulate a formidable IT strategy in policy form, hardware configuration as well as possible software solutions including firewalls and physical protection details.

The statistics from developed countries on the price they had to pay for their ignorance on this is worthy paying attention to. Already we have seen what a few rogue individuals have done to our sleeping banks on unauthorized ATM withdrawals, transfers and all. It calls on us then to be on high alert.

Cyber Crime is here with us and we cannot let Kenya and the East Africa Region be a statistic.

Information Security Consultants in Kenya include:

  • Teqlink Solutions
  • BT Consulting
  • John Gichuki
  • Maskil Co. Ltd

And others.

Further Inquiries are welcome.

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This is a fresh approach to local content. With this we continue to have fresh information and updates on what we initially knew about the diverse that is Kenya. Success stories are unraveled, gaping key areas are highlighted and our local cultures exposed.

This is truly the Kenyan Story. Of a people determined to live in the geo-sphere that is our country.I like the fact that NTV is putting to good use their live reporting resources. Their research given they have to put together news items that are not only interesting but also sell is laudable. It is always interesting the way the anchors are always seated with the captivating landscape behind them.

Certainly the tid bits about the areas give the county edition news a distinct taste from other news stations.

Another inclusion could be the recognition and appreciation of local heroes and personalities. Their pointing of neglected areas in terms of development should be food for thought for the government as well as incumbent and aspiring leaders of those areas. How I pray that the content on footage that they have will be creative used to assess political leaders, take to task the government and particularly CDF funds.

Good work and keep it up!