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The berth that marks the Likoni Ferry channel is quite a news churning machine. We had old vessels doing the rounds to and fro between the docks.  From a distance the vessels now three having acquired two newer models mid this year, it is an alluring picturesque. The backdrop of waiting passengers , curious on-lookers, first-time  in country visitors and expectant relatives and service providers.

The anxious passengers on board, romantics smelling the ocean, the frequent passengers not realy knowing what to feel with their mixed reactions. To say the least it is quite a sight every trip.

The now too common frightening incidences bring to surface underlying logistics problems within our marine authority which oversees the Kenya Ferry Services. It is more than obvious there is some sort of sluggish motivation among the workers. Almost lacking self initiative is the Ministry of Transport. Whereas we are glad they facilitated the procurement of the two newer vessels, I think a lot more than that would have been done.

Old technology will only make us more vulnerable to the perils akin to the Mtongwe disaster that we would want never to remember. I believe Kenya could do better. We have to admit there is a problem and face it tactfully having in mind world trends. In terms of roads as the citizens we are glad for not only the new vocabularies on the populace but the roads work progress. We now know the words by-pass, super highway and what not. Could the Marine authority be sleeping on their laurels concerning this?

European countries like Denmark, Norway and Netherlands  lead the way with under sea tunnels. From Asia to Americas over sea bridges high enough to allow gigantic ships to sail underneath exist. Coming back home China did us a favour which is the Nyali bridge.

The future calls unto us to advance and I think we can create another function for the ferries if we are ever to build under sea tunnels or the enormous super bridges. Many might say we do not have the money but when will we ever have? If we believe then the money that could be engaged from the onset by starting from a planning session having all stakeholders aboard. If we are to have a great cause then let it it be bigger than our today so that this then will excite goodwill from within and without. Which will translate into incredible marine infrastructure including luxurious docking bays for yatchs now that we truly want to compete effectively with  the world’s leading hospitality and tourist nations.